Kitchen Dining Room Buffet & Other

I thought this kitchen dining room buffet turned out so beautiful. Fresh and inviting. Adding lamps with some whimsy can really add to the character of the room. I looked and looked for lampshades that I liked and just couldn't find what I wanted for this client. I finally bought some linen shades and added the trim to the top (usually it's added to the bottom) and I was happy with the results. If you decide to do this, make sure that you use a fabric glue and not a glue gun. You NEVER want ANY glue to show!

The distressed buffet piece from "Ballard Design" is perfect. The kitchen opposite this buffet is painted burnt red so it ties in nicely to the red undertone of this furniture piece.

The table extends to seat 8 so we bought extra chairs and placed them next to the buffet for when needed. Notice how the floral arrangement is nice and large. Don't be afraid to place items in front of your mirrors, just make sure it's something of grandeur. As long as the mirror is hung at the right height and the lamps are tall enough you are good. The scale is very important and that's where I can assist. Notice also that the metal mirror has some embellishments on it. I found some metal 12x12 squares with something similar in design and hung those close to the mirror to compliment it. It's great that they hung diagonally because that made things look more interesting.

Great design is always in using awesome shapes, great color, texture and the right scale!

On another note....

You know all the books I told you I was going to read....well...I read a few and then got a stomach virus and didn't finish my R&R time while kids were at camp. As soon as I get around to reading them, I'll post my comments. Business is really busy right now so maybe I'll find some time in between client appointments and my 2 big installations I have this month.

Surviving the heat here in Texas,