Bathroom Remodel Completed

What a fun client to work for, thank you Stephanie for making my job so enjoyable!

We took this master bathroom and spruced it up! The picture doesn't do it justice. Of course because of the angle of the room, you can't see the whole room. We took out the bath and added this very large shower and added a new closet. There is another bath in this home so it didn't take away from the resale value. If this client ever decides to sell, this bathroom WILL sell the house. We took down the big mirror and added two "round" mirrors - adding shape to the room. On the mirror wall we used a beautiful terra-cotta paint color and then on the rest of the walls we used an amazing silvermist green. We used the wall color on the ceiling too (of course after we scraped all the popcorn). We put in granite and stained the cabinets a rich walnut. We finished the room off with the details - new hardware on the cabinets, new fixtures and new lighting.