"Staging" a house to sell

Getting a house ready to sell is very important. There are so many things that you get use to looking at that can really look cluttered to others when they walk in. In these pictures, the following was done to get this room ready for anyone looking at the house no matter what their taste.
1. Mantel was simplified
2. Rug was taken out and replaced with a neutral rug. A floral rug can turn some people off because it's too specific a style.
3. Glass coffee table was added to make the room feel bigger. Gives the illusion that there is more space in the room.
4. Red ottoman was taken out, giving the room a more neutral and spacious look..

Book your staging appointment today! I can help you stage YOUR house. Many times it doesn't require you to purchase additional items. We can often "use what you have" to complete the staging and make your home look inviting to potential buyers. Moving furniture around to open up the space, decluttering rooms, finding a new home for artwork & accessories can make a HUGE impact and transition a space drastically.