Be still.....

We have all been experiencing such crazy weather and we here in Texas have been enjoying the novelty of snow.  4 snow days in a row for the kids and they have been so excited to be home!  We've been catching up on reading, baking, sledding, TV time and much more.
I've been home with the flu but enjoying some of these views from my windows.  The glare of the white snow makes everything in my house feel brighter and I love it.
  The snow has made us all "be still" this week and I've been appreciative of that time.

Luckily the pool pump is running so the pool doesn't freeze.  The ice and snow on the fountain looks beautiful.

My ceramic birdie is all covered up.  Can you find her?
My favorite little chair.
Cougar doesn't look too happy....Stone Cold.
but... Aslan the lion is in front of our house on guard as usual.
Our house numbers have disappeared.  You can see one peeking out from the big rocks.
No sign of my pansies anymore.  At least my Fleur de leis is still standing.

There is something so peaceful about the combination of water and snow.
Jimmy the frog is still smiling.
He looks very content even though his body language (folded arms) says otherwise.
I won't be having coffee out here today! 
 My bistro table does look like it belongs on a Paris winter postcard. 
Have you noticed how quiet everything seems in the snow?
Glad we have a new gazebo.  Hopefully the roof won't collapse like our canvas one did a couple years ago.
The weather men say that the sun will be shining soon so we can get the Superbowl activities rolling again!  I'm believing we will be feeling better soon too!
I'll be staying by the fire enjoying the goodies the girls have made for us.
Stay warm and be still!

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