Flowers, Crystals and Brides

(Crescent Hotel Lobby)
Photo by DecRenew Interiors
I spent some time visiting different hotels and restaurants with a friend this weekend, making plans for her upcoming wedding. 
Hotels always make my creative juices overflow with happiness.  
The Rosewood Crescent Hotel here in Dallas is especially beautiful!   The floral grouping above is in their lobby when you walk in.  It captivates you when your first see it. The variety of flowers all at different heights and in silver and crystal vases is so dramatic, yet still so soft and feminine. 
Modern Elegance
Photo courtesy of Rosewood Crescent Hotel

Their lobby feels grand like a hotel of this caliber should feel, but has the inviting warmth of a home.
Photo courtesy of Rosewood Crescent Hotel

The soft and subtle upholstery fabrics, original artwork, soft flowing patterned drapery panels, floor lamps, table lamps and throw pillows everywhere really make the grandeur feel more cozy and comfortable.  All the comforts of your own home, away from home.

Photo courtesy of Rosewood Crescent Hotel
The elaborate crystal chandeliers hanging everywhere add sophistication and sparkle to the space.  I love this rug so much because it is eclectic, yet so fresh, young and fun.  The variety of chandelier styles throughout the lobby is gorgeous too; keeping away from the "matchy-matchy" look that so many hotels gravitate towards.   They all illuminate with style and independent personality.   Doesn't this vignette look like it could be in your home? So many people travel for business and pleasure, and a hotel should feel comfortable and make you want to sit and stay a while. 
While we were visiting the venue, the outdoor courtyard was hustling and bustling for a wedding that was taking place that evening.  There is something magical in the air when a bride is present.   Aren't these over sized garden urns filled with white fully bloomed roses beautiful?
Photo by DecRenew Interiors

We couldn't wait to see what this courtyard would look like when it got dark.  We decided to hang around a little while, and came back after eating a quick bite on the patio.

Photo by DecRenew Interiors
Notice the crystal chandeliers in the trees.  They looked great when it was light but wait until you see what they looked like after dark.


It was worth the wait because the setting was even more beautiful once it got dark. This bride had a beautiful day for January winter in Dallas.  74 degrees and absolutely perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.  Everything was sparkling as she walked down the isle to meet her anxious groom.
These arrangements were on some of the tables in the reception area.  I loved the crystals cascading down from each one.  Any crystal up against a reflective object like silver or a mirror makes a statement.  The dance floor had about 100 really large crystals hanging from the ceiling over the dance floor. It was stunning!
Photo by DecRenew Interiors
(isn't the best picture but wanted you to see the hanging crystals)
Isn't it great to see that every table has a different arrangement, creating interest within the room?  It can be a little overpowering if they are all the same height.
Ocean Prime Restaurant Lobby , Dallas, TX
Floral Designer - Judy Blackman
Didn't Judy do a great job keeping it natural, colorful and lush?  It creates such a nice invitation to the restaurant lobby, without making it too overpowering and stuffy.  Casual elegance is much more inviting to most people.
Photo by DecRenew Interiors
The variety of vases she used as well as the big pieces of rolled bark really added so much texture and interest.
Photo by DecRenew Interiors
Beautifully arranged.

We enjoyed our day and had fun being together!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!
This was our view as we ate dinner.  There is nothing like the sound of a fountain.  The yellow pansies were all around the entire courtyard.  Amazing what a statement one color can make!