Before and After's Pictures - The good and the bad

Well, I'm having a party on Friday night and I'm busy getting ready for everyone.  I enjoy home time just preparing for guests.  It sounds crazy but it's one of my favorite things. The kids were suppose to be home today for President's Day but because of the snow here in Texas, they had a day off on Friday last week instead.  Now, I've got a day off that I didn't expect.  Fun, fun!!   During this whole cleaning process today, I've decided to move furniture around and rearrange some items from room to room.  I've got the music turned up and I'm having a blast! 
 Here are a few of the things I've done so far. 
8 chairs around the table looks great but I felt like mixing it up a little.
I brought my antique animal print bench from my office to the dining table and I LOVE IT.
I added this architectural piece to the table for some interest.  I originally bought it for a client but they decided they wanted to go a different route so now I'm trying it out.  If you haven't gone to Golightly Antiques, you need to visit this Store filled with treasures and a great tea room.
I think I LOVE THIS BENCH IN THIS ROOM!  Also notice that I used large kitchen drawer pulls for my drapery rods here.  It worked perfectly.
There's your tip of the day.


A quick change is always refreshing!
Brought these pillows in from my master bedroom chairs.  They go beautifully with my antique tapestry we bought for our 5th anniversary in Fredricksburg, TX.


I found this brand new rug about a year ago at a garage sale.  I paid $10 for it and was extremely happy!! .   I haven't had the perfect place for it so it's been in storage.  I decided to dig it out and use it as a "throw" on the end of my couch.  What do you think?  I think I LOVE IT.

He actually had 2 for sale and I had an ottoman made out of the other one.  See below.

On another note but it is still a before and after.......I'm really sad because our outdoor canopy collapsed this weekend.  Urggggg.


I loved my canopy and we had just replaced it because the wind blew it to shreds last summer.
Extension to our home - especially in spring and summer.  The Jasmine I planted always smells so delightful while sipping an ice cold glass of peach ice tea!
Especially loved the birdcage chandelier that my husband and girls made for me for my birthday last year.  Created such a wonderful ambiance and nice soft mood lighting.'s the AFTER...
So sad but the snow was too heavy.  Crazy thing was that my husband had just said about 15 minutes prior to it collapsing "I better go get the snow off the canopy."  We heard a loud crash and it is destroyed.  At least our pool didn't freeze - see my "ice blue" post on that here.
This makes my heart sad because it was given to me with such love.
Such a sad looking bird cage chandelier now!
Oh well...lots of people around our area have had no electricity and so much more damage than we did.  I'm counting my blessings while I mourn about my gazebo and birdcage.  They can be replaced, it's just a shame!
After I'd put this post together, I realized that Lauren from Pure Style Home was challenging her reader's too make a quick change and post a link on her blog with our changes.  I've done that so thanks Lauren for this fun post.  Go to Pure Style Home and you'll see what a fabulous blog Lauren has!
It's also Metamorphis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.  Go here to read the posts.  It's always so inspirational to see before and after pictures each Monday.

Happy Monday Everyone!