Chandelier Shoes - Are these for you?

OK, let's have some fun! 
I'm known for loving shoes and enjoy collecting different styles.  The main thing for me though is comfort!!

Don't know how practical or comfortable these Chandelier Shoes would be?  I just couldn't help myself, I had to post them so you could have a good chuckle.  Actually, they are quite gorgeous just not practical or comfortable.  I can't imagine feeling those crystals bouncing around on my toes?  I'd also be afraid I'd break one.  You would be the talk of the party, you know how woman talk about the shoes in the room!!
What do you think?

Neiman Marcus
I love the last pair above, maybe I could pull those off?  Maybe not?
I'm really thinking that I should probably just stick with these chandelier shoes this time around!
To end this post, here's a crazy chandelier for you!  Would actually be fun in a teenager's room.
Just having some fun today!
I'd love to hear your comments!
Go find a great pair of shoes, they will make your day!