Come on in and sit a minute!

Several months ago I met with a client who wanted me to help her pick out carpet, tile and paint colors for her living room, dining room kitchen and family room.
Today I went to rearrange all their furniture, hang all their artwork and pictures and place their accessories.  ALL OF IT WAS "USING WHAT THEY HAD."  I added NOTHING.
Here's a quick look at what a 1/2 day room re-arrange can do!

My client really wanted their space to be used!  Before it wasn't very inviting!  I wanted the space to have a "come on in and sit a minute" feel to it.  Now it's much more open and conversational.  I took out several pieces that weren't to scale and made the room look cluttered. 
Suggested they get new lampshades for their lamps.  The pleats are hard to keep clean and date the room.
I recommended that they take down the lace drapes and replace them with plantation shutters.  The space is much simpler and classier now that there isn't so much stuff in the room.

Angled the furniture and added a mix and match feel to the space.  I loved this lamp base; it is an old roller that stamped wallpaper patterns.  So cool that they turned it into a lamp base.
Fun painting that adds an eclectic "artsy" feel.
Don't be afraid to mix antiques with modern art. 
Collection of family members paintings and pictures on the desk that one of their uncles made years ago.
Sketches the client did in college and a clock her mother passed on to her.
We had the fireplace surround painted this wonderful "putty" color.  It used to be stark white and added no warmth to the space.  I suggested that the client do the same tile pretty much throughout the whole house.  This made all the spaces flow together and eliminated the "choppy" feeling from room to room.
I always make sure EVERYONE has a place to put down their glass or put up their feet.

Book your half day install today!  You'll love the quick changes!