Weird and Funky Houses

Just a bit of crazy house fun for your holiday weekend!

I don't think I could sleep at night in this home.  I would worry about falling into the water!

Now that's a tree house! 
Wow!!!!  Talk about feeling on top of the world.
This home reminds me of the nursery rhyme "There was an old lady that lived in a shoe."

Well, here you go!  I think she lived here.

Upside Down House 
Okay, now I'm  nauseated
I'd say this house offers great hospitality
I want to go inside this one.  I wonder if a flight attendant would serve me a drink?

Maybe a bag of  pretzels?
I want this house in Texas!  The stone and the grass roof seems as thought it would be COOL in this ridiculous heat!!! 
Bank turned into a home. 
The bank vault got turned into their guest room.  I'd go to bed feeling pretty wealthy!

Yee Haw!
Wow.. now this is community livin'
I think NOT for the dots!
My husband's dream home!  Looks like an over-sized garage.
All I can say is the groceries would need to be delivered to my door!
I like!
I wonder if they can hear the ocean all night in this house?
I wonder how they made those draperies curved to look like eyeballs?
Wouldn't want my whole family in this house, it may go over!
No way!
Hope you have a great holiday weekend with family and friends.
I'm having a blast and feel blessed and honored to live in this wonderful country!