Bookshelf before and after "using what you have"


The client I worked with today just wanted me to help her with her bookshelves.  I shopped around her house looking for treasures and incorporated some of her beautiful "Oriental" pieces that she has collected over the years.  Our goal was to "use what she had" without buying anything new for this room. 
It always makes a nice statement to incorporate artwork into your bookshelves.  Most shelves are adjustable and this enables you to adjust them to the size you want them to be.
I wonder what the storks are saying to each other now?
Mixing different textures like silver, pottery, greenery, books, clay objects creates an interesting collection.
Tip of the day:  Try taking the book covers off your books.  Sometimes they are too loud for the space.  Taking them off usually makes the bookshelves look less cluttered and much more sophisticated.
Love these little books!  Isn't the color ravishing?
This bookshelf is NEXT on my list....but I'm purchasing some things to go on these shelves.
I'll post a picture when I'm done.
The below are some accessories that she has already that I'm going to use along with the new things I purchase.  I'll just add to this collection with some "new" treasures to make the items work together. 
Should be fun!
These books have been in their family for years, can't you tell?   They even had slivers of hair from babies first haircuts....way cool.
Like this guy!  He looks tough.
What do your bookshelves look like?  Do they need a makeover?