Valentines Day Dessert and Coffee

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I'm contemplating what I"m going to do for my family for Valentines Day which is on a Sunday this year. 
Can't believe it's around the corner.
I could make my family a wonderful dessert instead of a big mealThey LOVE chocolate chip cookies and Blue Bell vanilla ice cream.  You can buy the chocolate chip cookie dough that comes in a roll and flatten it in a cookie sheet (you will need 2 rolls).  I've got my mom's chocolate chip recipe that I could make too and it is the BEST!!
Cutting them into heart shapes is a good idea. 
 Or maybe I should do brownies?
I could get the "You are special today" plate out.  Tradition in our family to bring this out for each birthday!
 I'll have to dig this one out of my kitchen cabinet.  But then who is going to get it? hmmmm??
Maybe a candle could go on the plate instead - for ALL to enjoy.

Wouldn't any kid love this napkin at breakfast?  Can be done with a paper napkin too!  Could go in their lunchbox?
Go to to follow the directions on how to fold.
I could buy the above mugs from Anthropologie for coffee or hot chocolate after dessert.  They could be used for breakfast too.

Hanging out at home with the family is a great gift, especially if dessert is involved.

We could ALL go to Lesara Cupcake Bar here in Colleyville, TX. 
There are many of these Cupcake bars all over the U.S.

Ours is located in the Town Center in Colleyville at the intersection of Hall-Johnson and Colleyville Blvd.
Everyone can pick the flavor cupcake they want, ice it with their favorite icing and then pick from many, many toppings.  GREAT IDEA!!!
There is a time for setting the table and having a beautiful meal but this year we are going to do one of the above.  SIMPLIFYING and enjoying at the same time.
Which one would you do?
Today I'm participating in Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch
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