Bring the Garden Textures Indoors

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to give you some quick tips that you can do over the next few summer months.
Here is #2
We all have an empty vase, glass jar or ginger jar, etc. that needs to be discovered and placed!  We all have rooms that need a feeling of being alive and happy.  Outdoor elements can add that magic to your rooms.
Add some natural leaves to ginger jars or vases and it instantly makes a collection of accessories complete.  If you can't do real leaves, there are some wonderful looking faux leaves to be found at your local craft store.
If your vase isn't tall enough, add books to give it height and then group the vase with a little natural coral.  It's these elements that make your items have a designer quality.
Designer, Susan Kasler
(see Colour Me Happy Blog post about this room)
So much fun that Maria posted this just before I finished this post!
These pink cherry blossom branches make this whole room complete!!  The scale is true perfection!
(Ida Architecture & Interiors)
A collection of branches with fall leaves on a round table doesn't look staged but relaxed and inviting.
An unexpected branch resting in the corner.  It may not last long but it will be something delightful while you have it displayed.
(Pottery Barn)
A gathering of small rustic sticks placed in a wooden bowl adds extreme interest. 
(I just painted my dining room this beautiful gray/blue and I'm LOVING it.)
This simple vase with branches added an airy sophistication to this traditional mantel.  Love the balance of color in this room.
Isn't this a great idea?  I'm sure you have an old frame sitting around that you could spray paint and then add branches to like they did here.  Makes a great piece of artwork.  You could really get creative and spray paint the branches a vibrant color like orange or lime green.
This simple bucket with blooming branches sitting next to this chair is so natural and would be great in a laundry room if you have an empty corner.
(DecRenew Interiors)
This driftwood is sitting above my refrigerator and I love the texture it adds to my kitchen.  I found it on the beach in Florida several summers ago.
This branch has just been spray painted and placed on the coffee table.  An easy way to add color to your room.
Add branches to a silver urn, you can place Spanish moss inside or you could do a green moss.  I love having this kind of an arrangement in front of a mirror.
(Charlie Simmons)
Perfect centerpiece for your dinner guests.  Everyone can see around it too!
Do you have a colored vase?  If you do, it makes a beautiful grouping with some palm leaves. A monochromatic room with punches of color here and there is gorgeous!
This glass vase with the branchy sticks placed in front of these family photos softens the room.  Don't be afraid to add arrangements that are natural like the one above in front of pictures.
These lamps are so stylish and grouped with these yellow florals they make the room look incredible.
Greenery added to a room can be what you have been missing in that corner.
A grouping of the same greenery is always a fresh combination.
An arrangement like this added to your dining room table, bar area, coffee table or even above your refrigerator makes a room come alive.  Looks like it could be growing in your garden.
Two topiaries on a fireplace add that touch of green you need.  Garden urns that would normally be used outdoors are beautiful brought into your home.
Tall and proud!
Masculine and sleek.
Motivated to make some summer changes?  Good!
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