Small thing, great pleasure = great decorating

It is always a great pleasure to add special touches to my own home once in a while.  I'm always working on clients homes, it's such great therapy to be able to have a quick moment to do something for my humble abode.
I read this quote this week and loved it - by Holly Becker (Decor 8)
“wrong is when you decorate according to what you think others want you to express or share or pretend to be and not according to who you truly are, so wrong decorating is to deny yourself the freedom of displaying your authentic expression of self in your home.”

I found this round green velvet pillow yesterday and added it to my animal print settee in my entry.  I love what it incorporated to the feel of the space.  An added extra pop of style!
You can see my inspiration board behind my french doors.  I LOVE looking at it daily and it keeps me motivated to create beautiful interiors.
Maybe the new pillow placement will keep my family from using the settee as their dumping ground!
Made me smile today and I wanted to share! 
Hope you are having a beautiful week!
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