Decorating Details & Piano Room

Yesterday I had a full day install for an entire home. We recently remodeled the home and yesterday was the detail day where we rehung pictures, placed new rugs, added some accessories, hung draperies and headboards, etc.  I always incorporate what the client has during my installs because most of the time they have items I can definitely re-purpose or include to make the entire space feel collected over time vs. all brand new and "showroom" like. 
Here are a few snapshots I took of the day.  More professional photographs coming soon! 
Thought you might enjoy looking into what we did yesterday!  The best part of the day is that I hired my niece Jess to help me.  My Intern Audra is on vacation and I needed help!   Spending the day with her was awesome.  She was my right hand girl all day and did an amazing job! 
We used the existing bedspread and added the headboard, duvet and throw pillows.
I was so happy with the way it all coordinated together!  Can you believe we bought the pillows separately? The set didn't come together but they sure look that way.  Purchasing the duvet cover online was much cheaper than having a custom one made.  It was a great way to save money so we could have gorgeous mercury lamps!  The duvet cover is from Pottery Barn.
A lot of times after a remodel, the client isn't able to afford all the decorating details because their funds have been depleted. However, this is what makes the home complete. It's the décor that makes it all come together! I know it gets incredibly expensive to redecorate but I LOVE to "use what the client has" and add in my touch if budget is something the client is concerned about. 
I move rugs from room to room, steal lampshades from different lamps in the house, rummage through closets & cabinets (with the clients permission of course) and sometimes have furniture repainted ahead of time. It's a fun shopping day for me!
Showcases the granite and backsplash.  The newly installed LED lights really make the details shine!
I brought out some of their china and showed them how they can mix and match pieces to create a more eclectic look.
This tray was in her living room but it belongs in the kitchen. 
I added this beautiful bowl to their china cabinet.
New parsons chairs and a rug were added to the dining room so now it's less "matchy matchy".  We also added new hardware to her existing china cabinet.
New pillows were added to her existing suede couch in her piano room.  Now it looks sophisticated and classy.  This is the waiting room for her piano students that come through her home all day long.
New rug in the piano room to warm up the space and add texture and color.   It also coordinates with the adjacent dining room.
Hope you enjoyed!  Now off to unload my car with all the leftovers from yesterday!  On to another install on Tuesday!  Stay tuned!
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