DecRenew Interiors and Design Bloggers Conference 2014

I just returned back from a wonderful few days with my Design Blogger friends in Atlanta.

It was a fun filled few days with amazing speakers as you see above.
I so enjoyed getting to see Cheryl Luckett from Dwell by Cheryl.  She has the same passion for Design as I do.  She loves to renew, restore and revamp old treasures and enjoys the hunt of a good find.  Follow her blog, it is full of amazing transformations.
Watch this quick video to give you a quick glimpse into the fun we had!
Of course the highlight for me was meeting Candice Olson.  She is my Design Idol!  I absolutely love her design style.  She is brilliant, incredibly kind and fun.  Of course they took the picture while I was telling her I wore high heels just for her!
Here are my top 25 takeaways from the event:
  1. Even the best of the best have struggles in this business.
  2. Being an overcomer is key
  3. If you fall, get up and try again
  4. Find where you shine in this industry and stick with that
  5. Comparison is a bad word, everyone has a different walk 
  6. Be where you are planted and do that well
  7. There is insane talent in the Design industry
  8. Don't let fear steal your joy
  9. Videos are key in our market right now
  10. You don't have to be like everyone else, stand out.
  11. There are lots of tools out there for us to use that make our job easier
  12. Take time to rest or you will burn out in this business
  13. It takes years to build your brand. Stick to it, be consistent and it will pay off
  14. It hurts when you grow, get help and don't feel guilty
  15. Build a good team that represents you well
  16. Social Media is a must but choose the one you like best and be good at that one
  17. Trust your gut, don't be shortsighted
  18. Just say yes!
  19. Collaborate with a fellow designer
  20. Find your tribe and do this together
  21. Show a piece of your personal side
  22. Give your readers topics they want
  23. Listen to your readers needs
  24. Have rich content on your blog
  25. Show before and after pictures, they are incredibly effective