Thanksgiving Table


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.


My goal this year for me was to set a very "natural" table.  I wanted neutral colors and simplicity.


My daughter and I found a Magnolia tree close by and we took a drive with our clippers in hand. It was a blast and a memory with great laughter.


We found more than just magnolia leaves.


I had a brand new large tarp (bought from Lowes) that fits over 2 large tables.

It was the perfect texture and color for what I was looking for.  We wanted everyone to be able to sit at one large table.  All 21 of us fit perfectly.  Now that we have teens, they would rather be with the adults.


I then placed black striped wrapping paper down the middle as my runner.  I found the animal print pumpkins at Hobby Lobby for 80% off so I was thrilled.


The magnolia leaves were layered down the center and I added fresh pears for some color.

 My husband bought me the plates for an anniversary present several years ago and I love them! I also layered cut aspen pieces amongst the magnolia leaves.


Time together around a table is priceless! Great conversation, good food and a beautiful table makes everyone happy!

decrenewinteriors 30

  This table could easily be duplicated for a Christmas table.


Just add some pomegranates and you are set!

If you would like to see the live periscope that I did of our table, visit where you can view the replay video.

You can also see many other video's I have done for decorating inspiration.

Almighty Pumpkin Displays

I love seeing all the pumpkins out this time of year.  Some people are so incredibly creative.  Here are a few "pumpkin displays" that I thought were fantastic and inspiring for your fall decor.
Layering, layering, layering.
Love the wheelbarrow idea.
How cute is this?
Orange and yellow look so great together!
Outdoor urns and pots are a great way to create height when decorating with pumpkins outdoors.
Grouped together, all one color!

Pottery Barn
Stenciled pumpkins.
Wouldn't want to be close by if this thing fell!
Large, big and small!  Using an odd number of items usually works best.
There are so many different kinds of pumpkins.
What kind are you decorating with this fall? What color is your favorite to decorate with?

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