Tips to giving your entry a designer look.


This week I completed an entry for one of  my clients.  When I met with her, she explained to me that she really loved her entry table because it was a gift from her mom who she recently lost.  She also loved her artwork that she and her husband chose together on one of their trips.  She wanted me to add color and personality to the space to make it feel BRIGHT, HAPPY and WELCOMING.





No Problem!  I found these wonderful yellow lamps and knew they would make the space so much more inviting and happy.  They came with black shades but that wasn't going to give me the look I wanted.  I traded them out for these fabulous striped gray and white shades.

Ruthie Tip:  If you find lamps you absolutely love, trade out the shade to bring it up to the next level.  A patterned shade can change the look completely.


Ruthie Tip:  If your lamps don't come with beautiful finials then add some gorgeous ones to make them have grandeur and class.  You will be so surprised how that one thing can bring them up to the next level.  I personally love large crystal ones like the ones above.



Placing family photos on your entry table is a nice thought, however, in this case they are off scale with this large painting.



Ruthie Tip:  Layer your accessories and choose items that either have a unique shape or texture.


If you look at my website you will see that I always use something from nature to make my designs come to life.  This driftwood looks fab against the wall color.


Ruthie Tip:  Fresh flowers always makes an entry feel alive and happy.



Curved entry walls are always a challenge.  Because we were on a strict budget for this entry, I had to be creative without going over budget.



I found this wonderful bench with a curved back.  It fit perfectly in the space.  I added colorful pillows that coordinate with the artwork and we were all set.

Ruthie Tip:  If you have a large open entry, don't put small items there.  Choose large items that fill the space so the scale looks right.  I'd rather have one larger item that makes a statement than lots of clutter that says nothing.


Ruthie Tip:  When using a bold, colorful pattern, tone it down with a masculine print like a plaid, stripe or houndstooth.

Hope you are inspired to go decorate your entry this weekend.



Flower Mound Piano Room

Last week we finished a home in Flower Mound.  The client has lived in their home for over 5 years but has a very busy schedule and hadn't done much to her space.

DecRenew Interiors3

She wanted to turn her front formal room into a piano room where they could hang out when they entertain or hang as a family.  We transformed it into a wonderful space for morning coffee, afternoon tea or evenings with a cocktail.

decrenew interiors 17

We had the main living areas painted, added new hardwoods, new carpet and also did a full day installation with new furniture, accessories, rugs and lighting.

decrenew interiors 15






decrenew interiors 33




decrenew interiors 32

decrenew interiors 31

DecRenew Interiors 12

DecRenew Interiors3DecRenew Interiors 27DecRenew Interiors 24

 DecRenew Interiors 4DecRenew Interiors 2DecRenew Interiors 10 DecRenew Interiors 4


My client had 2 leather couches already. Due to her budget, we decided we could work around them.  We added everything else.  The leather benches were included for extra seating.

DecRenew Interiors 13

DecRenew Interiors 19

DecRenew Interiors 21 DecRenew Interiors 16 DecRenew Interiors 9

DecRenew Interiors 22

I'm working on dining room for a client for a Tour of Homes in Las Colinas.  I'll post pictures soon!

Hope you enjoy all the festivities of Halloween this weekend!

Yellow and Gray Family Room

 decrenew interiors 1It is always such fun to decorate a home knowing that there is something special happening with the couple!

decrenew interiors 2

They are having a baby!

decrenew interiors 6

decrenew interiors 6

Perfect time to do the finishing touches to their new home before baby arrives.

decrenew interiors 15

They already had the sectional and the rug.  My job was to add the drapes, lamps, artwork, pillows, ottoman and other misc. accessories.  We did a few touches to their kitchen and adjoining dining room as well.

decrenew interiors 13

They wanted the start of a gallery wall.  The black and white artwork can eventually be taken out and their new baby photos can be added when they are ready.

decrenew interiors 10

The custom ottoman is my absolute favorite in this space and will be a conversational piece.  Perfect for putting your feet up while watching TV.

decrenew interiors 24

It looks amazing with their new bar stools too.  We also added the pendant lights!  Wow, are those ever gorgeous!decrenew interiors 3

These ottomans are perfect under the console table because they cover up a plug that was put right in the middle of their walkway to their master.

decrenew interiors 23

I'm in love with the striped grey and white drapery panels.

Custom pillows that are to die for.

decrenew interiors 8


A yellow and gray throw pulls everything together very nicely and is perfect for getting cozy by the fireplace.

decrenew interiors 19

decrenew interiors 20

We enlarged some gorgeous photos of the couple and placed them in their niches in the entry.  First the niches were painted a dark gray so the photo's would stand out beautifully.

decrenew interiors 12

The adjoining eat in kitchen area got some finishing touches too.

decrenew interiors 14 decrenew interiors 17




decrenew interiors 10

All ready to welcome baby home!

decrenew interiors 9

Also ready for their baby shower this weekend in their newly decorated home.

decrenew interiors 4

Happy Weekend and we have cool weather!  Yippee!

Leopard and burlap wreath.

Today I finally got to revamping a wreath for a client.  She brought it to me in a sad state.  It needed to be enhanced desperately!  I wanted to transform it from "cute" to "elegant"
Here it is when it arrived at my house, minus a few large pumpkins that I thought made it look too fussy.
I added some orange berries and a few other florals.
I also added some bark because that makes a wreath look so much more relaxed. I kept the gorgeous orange leaves.
Added a gourd and 2 metallic pumpkins along with a orange bow.
I layered the burlap with the leopard ribbon to make it more substantial.  Anytime you layer textures it looks so beautiful.  Layering is the trick to any good design.
Small pops of white florals make the wreath come together.
I hung it on my door, I may have to steal it!  If you look closely, you can see my favorite wicker pumpkin on top of my column.
Here it is AFTER!
Oops, it has moved from the front door to my living room door.  It looks beautiful with my tapestry from India.
 Watch out Lisa, it may not be yours after all!
I'm almost at the end of my journey of being off my feet for 2 weeks.  Whew, this has not been easy.  It's time like today where I've snuck up and hobbled into my work area to produce something beautiful.  Looking forward to getting out and about next week!  I've almost forgotten how to drive.  I have become incredibly good at working on my laptop creating design plans.  It has forced me to be extra productive and for that I'm thankful!
Visit my website,  DecRenew Interiors to see more before and after photos as well as my Design Portfolio.

Fall Decorating 2013

Welcome Fall!  It is a "little" cooler here in Texas but still not cool enough to actually officially feel like fall.  Because I'm having foot surgery and have to be off my feet for a couple weeks, I figured I better get busy decorating for fall so we can enjoy the next few weeks.
I always dread climbing in the attic to bring everything down to decorate. This year I just rummaged through the items and chose my favorite things, making it simpler and less overwhelming.  Life around here has been a bit crazy with my husband having surgery a few weeks ago.  Trying to make things simpler this year with all "my home" decorating so I have time to spend with my family which is most important.
I placed my favorite "natural" pumpkin on top of my column in my entryway and it always makes me smile each time I walk by it.
I hung my favorite wreath on my newly painted black door!
I had all these wonderful fall colored florals that I purchased last year "on sale" at the end of the season.  I placed them around my little fur trees and it really made the front look festive and colorful. 
Mr. Scarecrow is in the front yard guarding the house instead of by the pool like last year.
He used to scare me too much while walking by at night, I decided he would be better off in the front where I don't see him regularly.
I adore white pumpkins and am still loving my black and white one that I painted last year.
I had about 3 wreaths that I no longer LOVED so I took them all apart and made this arrangement on my dining room table.  I actually like it!
I added the driftwood that we found here, there and everywhere on different camping trips we have taken.
Another 2 pumpkins on top of my fridge paired with my little lamp that I just love. 
I added a crow to Mr. Scarecrow!
I had a planter that cracked so I kept the base and it is now makes a great pumpkin stand!
These two mercury glass pumpkins are on top of my new cabinet in my kitchen.
 So if you haven't even started decorating for fall, that's okay.  Start by stepping out on your front porch and pretend you are a guest visiting your home.  Does it look clean (free of cobwebs, etc.) and fresh?  If not, give it a good makeover and add a few pumpkins or mums and you will be set.
Now I'm in the mood to make pumpkin bundt cake!
I'll be out for 2 weeks resting up my foot after surgery.  I'll be stylin' a large boot for a while!