Creating homes as unique as you are!

 True fulfullment is being able to enrich a families life by creating a home that suits their lifestyle. My goal at DecRenew Interiors is to create a space that is as unique as the client.

 Our tag line is: "Creating homes as unique as you are."


 I  met with this client after they had been living in their newly built home for a year.  This is the second home that I have had the opportunity to decorate for them.  It is always such a pleasure to work with the same client over and over again.


 The drapery fabric (mainly the colors)  was my inspiration for pulling the entire room together.  I adore all the  vibrancy and so does  my client.  As you scroll through the after pictures below, you will see how I made sure these colors were all married together somehow.  Different textures, patterns, shapes, etc. together created a mixed up, eclectic style with a transitional flair.

They had some things that I knew we could repurpose.   These two club chairs were reupholstered because the client loved them and they were super comfy.


 They just needed a makeover after being used in their gameroom surrounded by kids and all that goes with that!

before and after

My goal is to use as much of what the client "already have" in order to save them as much money as possible.  Of course, only if the item was  still stylish :)  Often times, my clients will say "really, keep these old things" and I say "yes, they/it has HUGE potential."


Ruthie Decorating tip:  Use unique items for your flowers. This candle holder was perfect for the fresh flowers on the coffee table.  Make sure that the item is not pourous if you place the flowers directly in the vase.  If it is, I put a small drinking glass inside the vase and use that for the flowers.  


 We were going to redo these two ottomans.  As the room started to come together, I thought they could stay "as is" since they go beautifully with the animal print rug.  I'm crazy about the round side table.  Such great detail!


Gus loves his new home too!


 The coffee table is so unique and the texture and color make the reupholstered chairs united.  See how the detail of the book on the coffee table pulls together the ottoman color?


Those are the details that I think about for days and days before the installation.  I often wake up in the middle of the night and get up and write things down.


What color florals to use is also a huge decision.  


Notice how these flowers make the entire room pop.



The new gray sectional is perfect for their family life.  This family room is where everything happens in their house.

decrenew interiors 11

The stripes and houndtooth patterned pillows add a masculine touch against the more feminine draperies.


Adding unique wooden side tables makes the room feel warm and cozy.  With the high ceilings in this room, we needed that.  Also adds that shape that we needed to soften the edges.



Unique lamps and a fun shade add personality, fun and a more relaxed feel.  The painting on the mantel is huge and is all the mantel needs to make a statement.  Less fussy!

decrenew interiors 5


The chair pillows add a punch of turquoise without going over the top with this bold color.


  I found a cake platter in one of the kitchen cabinets and created this vignette.

Ruthie Decorating Tip: Accessories placed in different heights make more of  statement and draws your eye into each item.  Look for bowls, books, boxes, etc. to raise things up.  It's more appealing to your eye. 


This telephone was in their junk pile.  I rescued it because I think it adds some history to the room.


I have a love for lamps and this one is to die for!

The family also enjoys playing batgammon.  I placed it out as decor since it is used often.  The kids loved seeing their treasures out and displayed.  I also placed some of their other items like family pictures, grandma's clock, etc.



Paired with this cute piece of pottery that their son made a few weeks ago, it makes for a nice combination.




So you probably want to see a totaly before and after right?

It's a hard room to get a good picture of the entire space because of the light that pours in (a good problem to have).  These are the best we could do but it gives you an idea of the dramatic transformation.





I loved what my client said when she walked in her new family room.

 "Is this really my house?  I don't feel worthy of this gorgeous space!"  

Yes, you are worthy!!!!  I so appreciate the opportunity to work with such a wonderful, worthy family!  Thanks for trusting me and for allowing me to be part of this project.


Thanks for joining me for this recap! I'll be posting before and after pictures of their dining room next.

See above!

Classy Living Room Before and After's

It's always fun when a job is complete and your brain can finally relax because your vision has come to life!
Here are some before and after pictures of the living room I just finished.  Later this week, I'll post the dining room and master bedroom pictures.
Reupholstered chairs, new drapes (hung so they don't cover the window), rugs, accessories. 
I LOVE the copper finish on the mantel!!!  The wall color is a very subtle soft gray.  Looks blue in some of the pictures but it a very beautiful color that makes an incredible backdrop.
Amazing what reupholstering chairs can do!
I'm in love with this rug too.  The client was excited because we "used what she had" for her coffee table.
What a wonderful client! 
Here's a sneak peek in the dining room....I'll post more later this week.

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