Halloween Flashback is so bittersweet

So fun to go back and look at dress up times over the years in our family.
Funny thing is that the girls have always LOVED to dress up whether it was Halloween or not.  Our family loves to laugh and act crazy and dress up has always been a big part of our fun.

They had a dress up box and we collected costumes, wigs, etc. for them to add to their collection.  Fun to hit the sales after Halloween was over.  When the cousins would come over, dressing up and making videos of their crazy acts was one of the most favorite things for them to do! 

I think that kids pretending and dressing up like a character is one of the best things they can do to boost their creativity.  We always had fun together coming up with ideas.  We had WAY more fun making the costume (and I don't sew) than buying it.  A glue gun and hand sewing was good enough for a one night event.

Life is too short not to be silly.
They even  made Ava costumes made from my fabric scraps!  This is the year they got a sewing machine and had fun making outfits for the dog.

My  youngest had to be a Peacock one year and that she was!  Goodwill to the rescue.  Any outfit can be cut down to fit.
One year my husband had a motorcycle accident and we were totally engrossed in caring for him.  However, that didn't stop the girls from coming up with their own costumes.  She collected labels and made herself into trash.  So fun and creative and she was so proud.
My fabric remnant box was a constant go to for the girls.   Who needs to buy a leopard headband when you can  make one.
In character....

Thrift stores are the best place for inspiration and cheap fun.
Such cuties!  This year my girls were grandma and grandpa and boy did they do a good impersonation of them.
Grannie seemed to be the go to and they loved acting out old age.  She was pretty good at it too.
They painted their own faces this year.

Such sweetness!
This year they were Indians but just for "goblin" day at school.  Tonight we won't be with them walking the neighborhood with their cute little costumes because they want to be with their friends having fun instead.  It seems that I would feel sad about that but somehow I don't. 
 I've been there through the fun times of Halloween over the years and don't have any regrets.  It was a blast while it lasted. 
Tonight we will answer the door to little princesses, clowns and ninja's and remember the fun we had with our kiddo's during that season of our lives.