Before & After Bookshelves & Kiddos Treasures

(Clay fish my daughters made in elementary school)
Some of you may have seen the bookshelves I posted on facebook that I found on Craigslist for my Master Bedroom.  Well, this weekend I transformed them!
I don't have much display space in this house and really wanted to have a space in our master where I can put the treasures that my girls have made us over the years :)  As well as some family pictures that are important to us.
I found these beauties and drove an hour away, way into the country to get them.  A girl does what she wants to do if she finds something she loves, right?  Even if it involves driving my husband's beast of a diesel truck.
  I especially loved the arched shaped curves at the top and knew they would be gorgeous all painted up and "Ruthiefied" as my sister-in-laws say.  I loaded all three of them up and brought them home.
I wallpapered the backs of the shelves with a wallpaper that is very close to the paint color and it looks so great!
I've got 2 done, and am working on the third to place next to the one above.
I used  Krylon Fusion spray paint (Color - River rock) because the shelves are not solid wood and could not be sanded. 
This spray paint has a primer in it and worked really well.  The only negative was that I used 4 cans per bookshelf, yikes!  It is also very messy so you WILL NEED GLOVES when doing this project :)
The wallpaper coordinates beautifully with my drapes and bedspread.  It's nice and subtle so it doesn't look to froo froo as my husband would say.
I sanded the edges so some of the original color would shine through. 
I'm halfway through placing things on the shelves, this will take some tweaking.
Treasures like this cute clay sandal that my daughter made in her art class her 5th grade year will be placed ever so carefully.
Paper Mache pot, again made in art class.
A sketch of my two girls that was given to me for Christmas one year.  Adorable!  My favorite gifts are those that are made with LOVE.
My initials made out of clay amongst some shells we collected on one of our beach trips.
Funky Fish Display.
Hope your weekend was productive! 
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