Bookshelf Tips and Decorating Compromises

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This past weekend we decided to paint our bookshelves in the living room.  I've always thought they make the room feel dark.  The main reason I didn't like them is that all my accessories wouldn't POP on a dark background.
It was like pulling teeth to get my husband on board but he finally said YES!  We had to compromise on a few things like keeping the crown molding stained but I can live with that.  I've learned that it's his house too and he has input that I need to consider.  I'm constantly encouraging my husband and wife clients to compromise, it's just hard to do it myself.  I've got to practice what I preach!
I stumbled upon  Comex paint at  Lowes.  Their color sample display got me ALL excited and they definitely have some rich beautiful colors. They have a fabulous selection of neutral colors as well as gorgeous bold colors!  
 I chose the Comex Paint Glutted 2853M for the bookshelves.
Your bookshelves can be as beautiful as a window view.
I shop for books at estate sales and thrift stores.  Take their jackets off and sometimes there is a treasure cover or great color/texture underneath.
My husband grew up in Papua New Guinea and I grew up in Africa.  This bookshelf has touches of our childhood.
My accessories are now alive!
 I love to use muted tones for my accessories and then add loads of color with my books!
Tips for Decorating Bookshelves:
  • Try to collect colorful books that tell a story about you.  Sometimes they are just for the color, sometimes they are because they say something about where you have travelled or what you love to do.
  • Adjust your shelves so they aren't all the same height.
  • Use muted tones for your accessories and then add loads of color with the books.
  • Add a small lamp to a shelf if you can, it creates a nice mood in a room.
  • Lean artwork against the shelves and layer accessories or books in front of the artwork.
  • Every shelf doesn't have to have lots of items on it.  One larger scale accessory can look better than a bunch of clutter.
  • Use a variety of textures like baskets and pottery, this makes it eye catching.
  • Don't over decorate your bookshelves, less is more.
  • Hang items on the back of the shelf.  I love to do this with mirrors.  Especially round ones.
  • A interesting empty frame leaned up inside a bookshelf looks amazing.  Even a few of them layered on top of one another looks amazing.
  • Hang a picture or mirror on the outside of the bookshelf.
  • If you don't like some of your books, wrap them in your favorite wrapping paper or just brown paper.
  • Add a storage basket to your shelving so you can hide things quickly when guests are coming.
  • Paint the back of your bookshelves the color or a couple shades deeper to make the room feel bigger.
  • Add lighting to your bookshelves if that is possible.
 We thought this project would be a quick and easy one.  However, like I always tell my clients, it always takes TWICE as long as you think.  Don't believe what HGTV tells you, it's never like they show on the design shows. 
I was reminded that painting also makes you feel you are moving, urggg!
The good thing is that both my husband and I are happy with the outcome! SCORE
I'd love to hear your comments!  Add your tips to the comments, we all love to be inspired!
P.S.  As you probably noticed, I'm not using "Ruthie's Renewed Treasures" anymore as my blog name.  I'm just using "DecRenew Interiors" for now.  I'm feeling like "Ruthie's Renewed Treasures" limits my readers and I'd like to broaden my following by making it more Interior Design focused.
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