A Marriage of Masculine and Feminine Design

We just finished an awesome install last week. What makes the install amazing is working with fun clients during the process. I have to say that this client was one of my favorites. As a designer, when the client is joyful and excited about their reveal, that makes it so rewarding!

They totally put their trust in me during the whole process which enabled me to do my job well.


The client hired me for the remodel portion of their home and then to finish it out with accessories, rugs, lighting and draperies.


The entry had some great pieces but they just weren't making a statement. The desk in the entry was too deep for the space so we moved it to another room (see details on that in a later post).

Ruthie Tip: In small spaces, I try to use anything that gives the illusion that the space is bigger. Example in this entry would be open legs on the console, a mirror, crystal lamp, glass vase and white stools.  

We painted the clock a pretty gray, added a round rattan rug (notice the black that ties into the stair runner) and slid some fuzzy ottomans underneath the console for some fun and a casual flair.



 I incorporated some of the antiques that were spread out throughout the home because antiques mixed in with new items makes it look collected, not decorated.

We painted the stairs white and added a black runner to the center of the staircase. We also painted the staircase railing black. We had a barn door custom made especially for the music room that adjoins the entry so they can close that room off. The detailing of the barn door is fabulous and can really be seen better from the inside of the music room (this is the back of the door).


Their family room needed some lightning up, that's for sure. The Tuscan "old world" theme was everywhere.  She loves traditional and he loves a more contemporary style. I encouraged them that we could marry the two and get something that they would both like. I created a transitional look for them and they LOVED it.

 The leather sofa and 2 chairs were in decent shape so we reused them, along with the coffee table. We painted the entire downstairs walls as well as the bookshelves and mantel.


Amazing transformation, right?

TV was moved to top of the mantel. Added new lighting, a new rug, draperies, artwork, coffee table & bookshelf accessories, side tables, lamps and pillows. It made a huge impact to the feel of the room. When people say, the details don't matter, THEY DO! Just look at the details above!



I love layering the coffee table accessories. The tray can be removed easily if they want to play games, etc. I collected all of these items over the month at different places I shop and it makes for a nice mix and loads to talk about when entertaining. I found the tiny binoculars and painted them gold (they are my fav).

The rain stick from Mexico is cool too.

Loved these gold candle holders.

The rug!!!



The chairs swivel so they can easily watch TV and can pull in chairs from their dining room for extra seating when needed.

Ruthie Tip: Notice how we painted the candlesticks white with a gold leaf dusting? Reuse what you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Notice the faux brickwork!! Remember when we use to love this?

The kitchen felt closed off from the living room, due to the funny opening on the right. We took out the sheetrock column and opened that area up. We wrapped the support beam with rustic wood all the way across and stained it to match the barn door. It now feels so much more open.


We added new lighting in the kitchen, above the island.We took cabinets to the ceiling and that made a big impact to the kitchen vibe. It is now so much more updated, and we didn't have to gut the entire thing. I love how you can see the entry in this photo too! You can see here that the desk that was in the entry, is now a place in the living room to pay bills, etc., it is also painted cream.

 The family room feels a part of the kitchen now!

The client had this camel saddle and I thought it looked perfect on this shelf, rather than on the floor. The colors I incorporated on the bookshelves brings in the colors from the fantastic painting.

A animal print throw on the ottoman pulls the room together. Small detail but you can see how it makes a statement. Another small detail is that we added hardware to the drawers and cabinets under the bookshelves. They don't match but I love that!  Leather pulls and crystal knobs!

Pillows, pillows, pillows, and they don't all have to match! Texture, texture, texture. I love to mix it up.

Fabulous, colorful artwork with gorgeous lamps on a console table that the client painted black for me with chalk paint.

Ruthie Tip: You can mix gold and silver! It makes it more interesting.  

Here is the video of the reveal as well as a walk through video of the entire finished project.

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I'm working on my next home as we speak!

Hope you mix it up this week in  your HOME!

Hope it's a great week!

Colorful Ranch Style Home

First I want to start by saying that I'm incredibly sad that I haven't had time to post anything lately.  We have been so extremely busy with so many projects that time has gotten away from me.  I do apologize.

decrenew interiors 2


 I just completed a project for a client last week that we really enjoyed!  My client decided that they didn't want to be in their home while all the renovations were taking place.  They moved out for a month and rented a home for that duration.  I'd say they are smart clients!



decrenew interiors 23

We remodeled both of their bathrooms, replaced the flooring, and painted every square inch of the space, including those beams.  Our goal was to make their home feel more modern by using fresh updated colors  along with bold colors which my client absolutely loves.

decrenew interiors 7

This painting was created by a local artist with all the colors my client wanted to incorporate in her newly decorated home.

decrenew interiors 6

We found this rug that was exactly the colors the client and I had in mind for the living room.  My client found the leather couch herself and we had 2 custom chairs made to go along with it.  She also had the painting and really wanted us to incorporate it into the space.  We purposely placed some other "Texas" items throughout the home at her request and it really added a fun flair.

decrenew interiors 9

decrenew interiors 11

I'm in love with this rug.

decrenew interiors 3

My workroom made this fabulous coffee table.  I showed them a picture of what I wanted and they got to work and created this lovely piece.  It adds that rustic flair that makes every room have a relaxed feel to it.   The mantel was also redone and painted.  Don't you love the painted brick?  It really makes the room feel more modern and sophisticated.

decrenew interiors 8

I did some antique shopping and found some fun treasures to place along with the new accessories.

decrenew interiors 4

The eclectic mix of pillows really brought the room together.

decrenew interiors 15

This amazing pillow was imported from Turkey.  It's incredibly soft and the design is so amazing with the touches of blue in the rug.  Don't you just love the curves of the chairs?

decrenew interiors 19

We added a little reading corner.  We moved her antique desk from one of the other rooms and placed a round mirror above it.  Her vintage clock was moved from the mantel to the desk and they make a great pair. This nubby pouf from India serves as a great foot stool.

decrenew interiors 23

On the opposite wall, we did the same thing with a buffet the client already had.  The desk and the buffet look great together on each side of the doorway.  You can see the newly painted beams in this picture.  We added recessed lighting to the room as well and that made it extremely light and bright.

decrenew interiors 1

These blown glass lamps are stunning and are yet another wonderful texture in the space. The client had the lion statue that I incorporated into the vignette. The glass twisty balls add a touch of whimsy.

decrenew interiors 24

The bathrooms turned out beautifully too.  We replace the bathtub, tile, countertops and fixtures.  Painted the cabinets, added hardware and then changed out the old  hardware for brand new fabulous ones.

decrenew interiors 21


Hardware is the jewelry in a bathroom.  It's also a really great way to do a quick update even if you don't repaint.

The office got a makover as well.  We used all the furniture they had, added a rug and created a gallery wall for them, using the artwork she had created herself.


Here are a few before and after shots of the space.


New drapes, new pillows and a few accessories really finished this room off.


before and after 3 - Copy before and after 4 before and after 5 - Copy

before and after 6

Hope your year has started off well.  I'm working on a great home right now and it is going to be about a 3 month project.  We are just now starting with the demo and will be renovating the entire home from top to bottom.  We will end with decorating the entire home with everything from a washer and dryer to knives and forks.

nivens kitchen

We have a photo shoot this week for this fabulous kitchen renovation above.  Stay tuned for those shots, it is one of my favorite kitchens yet.