A Marriage of Masculine and Feminine Design

We just finished an awesome install last week. What makes the install amazing is working with fun clients during the process. I have to say that this client was one of my favorites. As a designer, when the client is joyful and excited about their reveal, that makes it so rewarding!

They totally put their trust in me during the whole process which enabled me to do my job well.


The client hired me for the remodel portion of their home and then to finish it out with accessories, rugs, lighting and draperies.


The entry had some great pieces but they just weren't making a statement. The desk in the entry was too deep for the space so we moved it to another room (see details on that in a later post).

Ruthie Tip: In small spaces, I try to use anything that gives the illusion that the space is bigger. Example in this entry would be open legs on the console, a mirror, crystal lamp, glass vase and white stools.  

We painted the clock a pretty gray, added a round rattan rug (notice the black that ties into the stair runner) and slid some fuzzy ottomans underneath the console for some fun and a casual flair.



 I incorporated some of the antiques that were spread out throughout the home because antiques mixed in with new items makes it look collected, not decorated.

We painted the stairs white and added a black runner to the center of the staircase. We also painted the staircase railing black. We had a barn door custom made especially for the music room that adjoins the entry so they can close that room off. The detailing of the barn door is fabulous and can really be seen better from the inside of the music room (this is the back of the door).


Their family room needed some lightning up, that's for sure. The Tuscan "old world" theme was everywhere.  She loves traditional and he loves a more contemporary style. I encouraged them that we could marry the two and get something that they would both like. I created a transitional look for them and they LOVED it.

 The leather sofa and 2 chairs were in decent shape so we reused them, along with the coffee table. We painted the entire downstairs walls as well as the bookshelves and mantel.


Amazing transformation, right?

TV was moved to top of the mantel. Added new lighting, a new rug, draperies, artwork, coffee table & bookshelf accessories, side tables, lamps and pillows. It made a huge impact to the feel of the room. When people say, the details don't matter, THEY DO! Just look at the details above!



I love layering the coffee table accessories. The tray can be removed easily if they want to play games, etc. I collected all of these items over the month at different places I shop and it makes for a nice mix and loads to talk about when entertaining. I found the tiny binoculars and painted them gold (they are my fav).

The rain stick from Mexico is cool too.

Loved these gold candle holders.

The rug!!!



The chairs swivel so they can easily watch TV and can pull in chairs from their dining room for extra seating when needed.

Ruthie Tip: Notice how we painted the candlesticks white with a gold leaf dusting? Reuse what you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Notice the faux brickwork!! Remember when we use to love this?

The kitchen felt closed off from the living room, due to the funny opening on the right. We took out the sheetrock column and opened that area up. We wrapped the support beam with rustic wood all the way across and stained it to match the barn door. It now feels so much more open.


We added new lighting in the kitchen, above the island.We took cabinets to the ceiling and that made a big impact to the kitchen vibe. It is now so much more updated, and we didn't have to gut the entire thing. I love how you can see the entry in this photo too! You can see here that the desk that was in the entry, is now a place in the living room to pay bills, etc., it is also painted cream.

 The family room feels a part of the kitchen now!

The client had this camel saddle and I thought it looked perfect on this shelf, rather than on the floor. The colors I incorporated on the bookshelves brings in the colors from the fantastic painting.

A animal print throw on the ottoman pulls the room together. Small detail but you can see how it makes a statement. Another small detail is that we added hardware to the drawers and cabinets under the bookshelves. They don't match but I love that!  Leather pulls and crystal knobs!

Pillows, pillows, pillows, and they don't all have to match! Texture, texture, texture. I love to mix it up.

Fabulous, colorful artwork with gorgeous lamps on a console table that the client painted black for me with chalk paint.

Ruthie Tip: You can mix gold and silver! It makes it more interesting.  

Here is the video of the reveal as well as a walk through video of the entire finished project.

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I'm working on my next home as we speak!

Hope you mix it up this week in  your HOME!

Hope it's a great week!

Industrial Farmhouse Chic Kitchen


What a fun few weeks we have had here at DecRenew Interiors by Ruthie Staalsen!


We finished up about 4 big remodels about a month ago so have been doing  some photo shoots!  Photo shoot days always involve a lot of packing, lugging, wrapping and sweating but it is always worth it!


I thought I'd post this Industrial Farmhouse kitchen first since I just love it!  We only have a few before pictures of this kitchen which makes me sad.  I met with the client for a walk thru consultation to discuss what they wanted done and how we were going to proceed.  It was a fantastic consultation with loads of brainstorming and thinking on our feet with my team.  Before I left their house they said they would let me know when they were ready to proceed with the demo.

decrenew interiors

  The next day I got a call from them saying that they were leaving on vacation that week and decided they wanted the demo to go ahead and start while they were gone.  Ok then, I love decision makers!  So refreshing!

My team got busy but we forgot to take before pictures, urggg! We did get these few!


The kitchen was incredibly un-functional and was closed off to the rest of the house.  I suggested we open it all up and create two islands.  One in center of the kitchen for their prep work, etc. and the other one where we opened up the space into the family room.

Aviary Photo_131166264343828772

They had a formal living room that they hardly ever used so opening up the space into that room made sense.

decrenew interiors 2

They had a round dining table in the kitchen area that they used daily. We made the bar area nice and big so the family can sit and do their homework while mom or dad cooks.


The family room had beams but they were off scale. We widened them and added new beams to the area where we tore down walls.


There are barstools on each side of the island as well because we all know the kitchen is where everybody hangs!


Aviary Photo_131166265680217033

The kitchen was totally gutted and we started from scratch.


The wood floors were the last thing to go in and once they were down it all came together beautifully, just like I saw it in my head during our walk thru consultation :)


I just love the handmade subway tile and the lighting we chose, it really gave the kitchen that industrial farmhouse feel. I think Jo Jo would approve, don't you?

decrenew interiors 3


Stay tuned for more before and after from some of our other remodels!

Transitional Southlake Kitchen Remodel


It is always such a wonderful feeling to complete a remodel.  I always feels so bad for the clients that have to live in the space while the chaos is going on.


 This kitchen got a total transformation. Originally it had 2 islands which really was not very functional.  The cabinets were too busy and they needed a lift with a fresh color.  The pickled "pink wood" is no longer in as we all know.


before and after

 As you can see, we left all the appliances.  We made one large island,  extended the cabinets to the ceiling and added glass cabinets with lighting.  We refaced the cabinet doors so they weren't so fussy, added undercounter lighting, took out the desk area and made it into a mini bar with a wine refrigerator.


New backsplash, granite and hardware.  The lighting in the shelving really makes the accessories look beautiful.  I really love the rain glass for cabinets.  Allows you to see the items but hides the dust.


 Don't you just love the tile wall behind the shelves?  The hardware on the cabinets is fab too.

Ruthie Tip:  If you want to do a quick update to your kitchen, hardware is a great way to revamp it instantly.





New recessed lighting.  We also moved all the plugs down so that they aren't in the middle of our beautiful backsplash!


 The island is the star in this kitchen.  The pendant light is from "Restoration Hardware."  I LOVE IT!


We added a pull out garbage drawer and some extra storage.  We painted the island a different color than the cabinets, it really makes it feel rich.


Gorgeous granite!


 We made the pantry door taller to match the other doorways in the home.  Amazing the difference that made!


Added accessories and it was a wrap!





Don't you just love the glass backsplash all the way around the windows?


New hardwood floors throughout the entire downstairs really makes this kitchen so warm!

Now it's the perfect kitchen for entertaining!


Thanks to Debbie for allowing me to make her home beautiful and to T. Lamar Photography for doing such a great job with the photo shoot!


"Rocky" Inspired Kitchen Remodel

 There has been lots of labor going on with DecRenew Interiors the past few months!

decrenew interiors 12

I've been working with these clients on several projects over the years in their home.  The kitchen was Phase II of the projects we have done so far.  Next week we start on all their bathrooms!


They have a wonderful home in a very wooded area.  They purchased the home because of the amazing backyard and the rustic, casual feel of the home.  They love all the wood that is in the interior but felt that the kitchen was too dark. I totally agreed.



So we lightened it up!  They were really hesitant about changing the kitchen because they didn't want it to feel out of place with the rest of their home.  They were nervous that it would look updated and everything else would look out of date.  I assured them that we could update the kitchen and make it look fantastic with the rest of the rooms that flow from the kitchen.



We got to work and selected cabinet color, granite, venta hood, faucet, sink, hardware, stone work for bar, gas stove, double oven, refrigerator and lighting.




decrenew interiors 12

We adjusted the cabinets above the bread box for a bigger microwave.  The island also got a makeover with new legs and a new stylish color.


We worked with the paneling in the other rooms and made sure that we kept some consistency in the kitchen with what is going on everywhere else.  We left the crown molding wood so it ties in with the adjacent dining room.


We added new lighting to the cove in the dining room and that really made it look fabulously updated.


Love these mercury glass pendants that we placed over their curved bar area.  The client wanted to keep her existing island lighting since they had just replaced it a year ago.


The granite we selected was the one thing that my client was terrified of.  She felt like it would make the kitchen darker.  I assured her that it would be the focal point in the kitchen and would be beautiful with the woodwork in the home.



decrenew interiors 13


8-30-2014 12-14-06 PM


 decrenew interiors 20

So bright and still looks very warm!

decrenew interiors 18

The stone work on the bar is my favorite, it really makes the kitchen fresh and it adds a masculine feel to the space.


Rocky the dog is happy because his coloring matches the kitchen beautifully!

I'm now taking the long weekend off to hang with my family! Hope you take time to enjoy Labor Day too!

Glorious new kitchen

Somehow I'm super blessed with amazing clients.  Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the gift God gives me each time I finish with a client. I know that the crew that works along side me feels the same way! Being able to work with such genuine people is such a pleasure and I don't take it for granted, it's such a tremendous blessing!
Don't you love this before and after? 

My client really wanted new cabinets and that's what she got!  New floors were put in and I'm extremely jealous of this floor!  It's stunning!  Notice that we did a black granite island to make the island stand out a little more than the rest of the countertops.  New cabinet hardware and it really looks sharp now.
Works beautifully with the cabinets and wall color.

We had her table painted this lovely peacock blue and used the existing chairs she already had.  This table is now the showpiece in this kitchen.
I've had a great weekend with my girls but now I've got to put my feet up!  I'm recovering well after my foot surgery but I'm realizing how much I do and how much I count on two healthy feet!