CAUTION - Hall Bathroom under construction


This bathroom is getting a face lift!!!
We removed the wallpaper and repainted the room a soft misty blue.  We changed out this dated tile and replaced it with some beautiful 18X18 tiles.  The tile goes all the way up to the ceiling and looks fantastic!!  The room looks SO MUCH bigger now.   The client was really nervous about using larger tile but they are very happy now that they see it installed.
 We put in a glass decorative border, the cabinets have been painted a rich chocolate brown and we have installed an AMAZNG mirror.  All the fixtures and hardware have been replaced too.
A new shower curtain is being made and it's going to be fabulous hung on a curved rod much higher than this wimpy little shower curtain.
Isn't this fabric fun, fun, fun for 2 young girls!!
Wait until you see the towels and artwork I've chosen to go in this fun little hall bathroom.
I'll post pictures of the finished room soon!