Dreaming about a media room

Today was an extremely busy day!  All I can think about is putting my feet up and relaxing. 
I just read a recent blog entry over at  Things that Inspire and these pictures of a gorgeous chic media room caught my attention.  It's a home in Atlanta (seems to be the theme for me this month) that is for sale. 
I'm dreaming about lounging around in this room!  Wouldn't that be fabulous after a long hard day!

It is really speaking to me with those dark cozy walls and the beautiful white fluffy pillows and throws.
Seems awfully practical for kids too!  I don't know about you but being in this room would be divine right about now!!!  Ahhhh to dream a little.
Hope you get to get some rest and put your feet up a little this weekend!  I'll have to be satisfied with my white fluffy robe and my brown slippers :)
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