Ceilings with attitude

(Valerie Deroy Interiors)

I've been doing a lot of "walk thru" consultations this month.  This consultation is where I spend 2 hours with my client and we walk thru their problem areas in their home and we come up with a solution.  I choose paint colors, give ideas & suggestions, answer questions they have about their thoughts and inspirations, help them choose the best flooring options, and help my client create a vision for their homes.  Nobody wants to be "stuck" with their decorating problems, I'm their solution so they can be "unstuck" and move forward with confidence.

(Adam Zollinger - Designer)
As you know, one of the best ways to make a statement in your home for the least amount of money, is to paint.  Painting is the first thing I recommend my clients to do! 
(Beverly Bradshaw Interiors)

I usually recommend that my clients paint their ceilings something other than white!  It always baffles their minds and they can't get it...until they "trust me" and do it in faith that I know what I'm doing. 

The above room is beautifully decorated!  However, when you look at the photo, what your eye goes to is the white line above the crown molding.  If they had painted the ceiling either the same brown or a lighter shade of brown it would make it much more restful to your eye.  Of course a hot pink ceiling or a blue ceiling (the color of the drapery or blanket) would have been my suggestions for this "girlie girl" room.  It also makes your crown molding come to life.  Why pay money to have this wonderful detail if it isn't even showcased?
(Liz Williams Interiors)
Don't be afraid to be bold.  I always say "if it makes you nervous, it's probably going to be what you love the most after you paint."
(RLH Studios)

Yes, even in small spaces!  This looks so rich.  Imagine it without the brown ceiling.  It wouldn't be near as effective and beautiful.  Yes, even in a small space!

(Rough Hollow Parade of Homes 2010)
A colorful ceiling can be what ties the room together. 
(SH Interiors)
It can make a statement in your home!
Go wild and crazy if you feel like it! Wyatt is going to wake up a happy boy in this room!
(Frederick and Frederick Architects)

Subtle is amazing too!

Make a statement on your patio's as well!

This homeowner painted their floor and ceiling the same color and it's to die for!
(Jennifer Brouwer Interiors)
Subtle and such a haven!  Beautiful job Jennifer!

Don't be afraid of change!

This technique is not for every space.  There are factors to consider.  It depends on the light in the room, the color that you are using and the way you want the room to feel.  Also remember, don't go overboard! Not every ceiling in your home should be painted a different color! 
When in doubt about what to do, call a professional!
(Witt Construction)
If you need coaching, call me for a "walk thru" consultation and let me help you make some decisions that will change the way you feel about your home!  Nobody wants to be STUCK!
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