Kitchen Sitting Rooms

(Reihl Designs)
I love a kitchen that has a little sitting area.  We all gather in the kitchen and it totally makes sense to have a couple comfortable chairs in the kitchen for those that you are entertaining. 
Most kitchens these days allow for a kitchen table to be in the kitchen.  However, if you have two eating areas in your home you have options.
(Apartment Therapy)
If your kids are grown and you really don't have a need for a table then I'd suggest you get rid of it and turn the area into a sitting area.
Purchase 2 comfy chairs and if you have room, get some ottomans too.  Create a wonderful area where you can curl up and read or chat with your husband or with a friend. 
(House Beautiful)
Or you can go all out and create an entire sitting area.  You should USE the space in your home.  If it's not working for you with table and chairs, make it an area for great conversation.
The above eclectic mix has such style.
(Traditional Home)
I'm still in the stage where I need my kitchen table.  However, I'm in the process of trying to find great comfortable chairs to go with my farm table.
This photo above is ideal!  A wing back chair, wicker chairs and a sofa!  Conversational and practical for family meals as well as incorporating the table so it's functional for the family meals.
(Richard Taylor Architects)
It's not always possible to have extra furniture in your kitchen but this kitchen looks like there is plenty of room to have a table and a sitting area.
(Style at
This kitchen definitely has a "gathering place"
Just because your "eat in area" is meant to be for a table doesn't mean you have to do it that way.  Mix it up and make your home work for your lifestyle!
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