Church Converted into a stunning home!

A couple in Kyloe, Northumberland bought this church that need restoring and made it into their home. They kept the exterior just like it was and renovated the interior to their liking.
I could attend church here every Sunday that's for sure!  Just wait until you see the rest of the photo's.
Absolutely breathtaking!
I've said that I would never move again.....but...I would move to be somewhere as unique as this!
Love the painted stone.  Looks so fresh and pure!
Can you just imagine the conversations that went on in these halls.  Little feet going to Sunday School and adults sharing about their lives!  Love this history.
A little weird to have the bedroom right off the dining but I'm assuming these drapes close?  How on earth?  They must have a remote?
This photo makes you realize how big the church is.  Wow, wow, wow!!!  I'm speechless.
How Grand!
The only thing I wouldn't like is the tomb stones.  That's a little freaky!
Transformations like this one inspire me to no end!