A good excuse to get "cooler" in Texas!

I went shopping today for some flowers for my dining room since we are having guests this week at the Staalsen Hotel
I've been running around everywhere to make sure we have all the necessities we need for entertaining and serving great food! 
 I love an excuse to buy flowers for the house and I did just that!
Aren't these hydrangea's beautiful?  The soft color blue in this grouping of flowers is perfect for the holiday weekend don't you think?  I'd love to find a few red roses to pop in there with this arrangement to make it really festive for 4th of July weekend.
I've been getting my guest room ready.  I love all the colors in this room but as you all know, I love to shake it up a little. 
I had this white, cream and turquoise comforter in another room but thought it would be a nice "summer" change for my guests this weekend.
I also added the mirror so we would get a nice reflection of the lamp on the bedside table.
The turquoise goes really nicely with the embroidered pillows and now I feel like it feels a little "cooler."  Anything to get things cooler in Texas!!  Those of you that live here know what I mean! 
Clean towels are ready!
New soap in every bathroom!  I love to add river rocks to my guest bathroom sink. 
Got the festive dish towels out!
Now all I need is chocolates on their pillows and we are set to go! 
Well....let me rethink that...
they are family but we don't want them to be too comfortable, they may stay too long! 
I think I'll skip on the chocolates.  Ha Ha.
One of my favorite things is to entertain so I love when my house is full of people and laughter. 
Let the festivities begin.  I know...it's only Wednesday but we are starting a little early!  Party on....