Cleaned out closet becomes new fashion line

One of the things that I ALWAYS preach is that it is SO important to "clean out" and get rid of things you no longer need. As much as I dislike doing it, I make sure that about twice a year I go through my closet and make piles of things to donate to goodwill or give away to teenage nieces or friends.

Being that both my daughter's are loving their new sewing machine, they are always looking for fabric that they like so they can create things. Our dog has new outfits "poor thing" as my husband would say. She has new bandannas for every season too. As I was putting things in piles, things were disappearing and I finally asked what they were doing. "Mom", they replied, "we are making our own fashion line." What am I going to say to that! Go get creative!

We recently had some friends come visit. I love my friend Marquette because we both have our own businesses. See Marquette's website at Our businesses are very different but we both have to be very "artistic" in what we do. She is the most amazing photographer that I know! She has a daughter and they all disappeared upstairs for the evening while we sat and and enjoyed dinner with our husbands.

After not hearing much of them, toward the end of the evening they came down stairs and said that they had a fashion show for us. I was blown away with what they had created out of MY clothes.

In this photo, they took one of my t-shirts, cut it in two and made a cute top and skirt. I want this outfit!
In this picture, they did the same thing with one of my dressier tops. Cut the shirt in half and created a top and skirt. The top even has a button sewn in.

Here are all three fashion designers.

They all worked together to come up with the ideas and patterns and then one of them offered to model the pieces. What a sweet time for my friend and I to see how what we do in our businesses has inspired our girls. As most of you know I love to "use what you have" and seeing them create something out of something I was going to give away is very rewarding to me and made me smile.

Sorry for the blurry pictures
I'm buying a new camera TODAY!

Notice how they even went in my closet and found some cute zebra shoes that compliment the outfit! Didn't even leave out the details. Oh, and to top it off (I know I'm bragging, it's the mom in me) they made the headband! They laughed and said, "mom, we know you don't like things to MATCH perfectly so we made it compliment the outfits". Now that's my girls!

Mix it up, remember you can "use what you have." You will surprised at what you come up with if you just clean out and change it up a little.