Boring to WOW

Yesterday I had an install for a wonderful client that I've worked with for a couple years now. I thought I'd show you a few pictures of one of the rooms I finished.

This dining room is very pretty but we had to add some personality. I just bought a new camera so I'm trying to adjust the color mode. The after pictures are a little light but I will get that adjusted for the next post.

This window was tricky because you can't put a rod all the way across the window because of the arch. I decided to do two seperate rods and by doing this it made the window look like one big one instead of 3 seperate windows. The arch is still the focal point of the window and the room!

Adding a great big bowl to the table makes a grand statement. No need to fill it with anything. It's beautiful by itself.

I had this cushion re-upholstered. The cording is leather. Adding this fun leather pillow makes this chair gorgeous. Adding a pillow to the below chair also updated it. The client has a young son and didn't want to reupholster any big furniture until his grown up a little more. Adding a pillow changed its look completely for now, without having to re-upholster.Again, we did small updates without re-doing the whole room. Adding accessories, rugs & drapes can update any room without spending too much money. In this economy, I have a lot of requests to "use what people have" but just update it with small things that make a BIG difference.

Here's the client's comments:

"WOW, I just had to run home between work and my picking up my son to see what you had done. I just can't believe how wonderful it all looks! I keep looking at everything again and again and again. I can't wait to see what my sister and son think."

"You got the stamp of approval from both my sister and son. My son said "She really changed our house!" He loves his rug because it reminds him of the dance floor in Club Penguin. My sister kept saying "how does she find this stuff and put it all together....she's really talented".

Won't be posting for 2 weeks because it's vacation time in the mountains.

Happy Decorating!