Colleyville Chamber Business Expo

I attended the Colleyville Chamber Business Expo yesterday. It was lots of fun to be a part of such a great community.

Here is my door that I posted about last week.  I hung draperies on each side of the door to add some interest.  It's only a 10X6 space so I had to squeeze it all in. 
Placed three outdoor rugs together to make the booth feel more inviting.
Used a resin garden urn (nice and light) for my Christmas arrangement.  Placed a wreath on top of the urn and then added some more garland and floral pieces to create height.  I had a Powerpoint presentation with before and after pictures of jobs I've done.
Here's the wreath - remember you can win it!!  Go here to read this post.
I had a drawing for the above candlesticks & everyone got a large magnet as seen above.
Gave out lots of "Baby Ruth" candy bars to help them remember my name.  It all counts right?
Adore these down filled pillows.  In this picture you can see how nicely the rug looks with the chairs.
My friend Sue came to help me and it was a fun day to spend with her!
Thank you Sue for being such a loyal friend!