This and that

Found this column at a thrift store and it was white and all sad looking!  It needed a serious home!
I brought it home, painted it black and sanded it and glazed it.
Won't it be perfect for Christmas with garland on top of it?
I also found some Rattan Shades for my gazebo outside.  I love the look they add.  Best part was they were still in the box and I got them both for $5.00.  Love a treasure like that!
I think it feels a bit like my "Africa" past and that's what I like about it!
I'm really busy right now getting ready for Christmas if you can believe it.  Here is a corner of my storage unit as I gather ideas and start putting things together. 
I love this vase, it's about 3' tall.
I'll post pictures on Friday and show you how I'm going to use it!
Happy rest of the week!