Colorado cabin by the lake

Priest Lake - Telluride, CO
Photos by Ruthie Staalsen
We just got back from our family vacation in Colorado.  It was fantastic to get away and be a part of nature while enjoying family! 
We set out with my husband's 3 brother's and their families to embark on this wonderful adventure with those we love!  Nothing like spending time together in COOL weather.   We are blessed that we all get along (most of the time) and can give our kids memories with their cousins.
On one of our drives in the mountains we came across the above lake (Priest Lake) and it was so incredibly breathtaking!!! 
You can't describe what it looks like in person.  It's almost as if your eyes are seeing things.
Of course there were beautiful log cabins tucked in the woods overlooking this AMAZING view.
Imagine how quiet it would be.
My family thought I was nuts when I got out to take pictures of this little dilapidated cabin.  I could picture myself sitting on the front porch drinking my coffee once this place was leveled and my new house was built.  Of course, it looks right over this lake. 
Someone will purchase this property for the lot and have an incredible vacation home.  I imagine a bed and breakfast, one of my "things to do" in life!
This is the view from the cabin.  Seriously tempting for $285,000.  Close to the amazing ski town of Telluride.
This bridge was just a short hike or drive away from the cabin.
Wildflowers blooming everywhere.
My girls picked some for me and yes I put them in a disposable cup and enjoyed them all week.  Life is about the simple things, especially when you are in an RV for 10 days!
Always good to go on vacation and enjoy the beauty God has given us.
Priest Lake Trail  in winter - Telluride, CO
Always great to come back home even if it is 108 degrees here in Dallas.
  Home is the greatest place on earth!