We all need a getaway retreat!

I'm putting together a "getaway retreat" for one of my client's.  We woman love a place where we can curl up and have some time to ourselves with no interruptions and no noise!  I find it so important that the place I "retreat" to is comfortable, beautiful and has the right lighting to put me in a relaxed mood.
I'm going to create just that for my wonderful client. 
The above pillows are my inspiration for this room that overlooks her wonderful veranda with a pool!
  I love the crystal tassels in each corner.  So elegant and charming.
Here are some of the accessory items that I've been collecting over the last few weeks.

Set of 4
Aren't they pretty?
Love that these floral botanicals are on a burlap canvas.
Rustic charm.
What spot in your home do you get away to retreat?
Just a sneak peak, I'll post the final reveal pictures of this "getaway retreat" when I'm all finished with the room in a few weeks.