Colorado; A Place of Rest and Beauty

We just returned home after being in beautiful Colorado for our family vacation. It's been so HOT here in Texas that it was so nice to be in cooler temperatures!
The above photo was one of our camping spots at 30 mile campground!  It was absolutely beautiful!
Total rest for our souls!  Camping (in our RV) gives me such rejuvenation and total "chill out" time.
There is where I sat each morning and had my coffee! On our camping spot!  Incredible!
It was good to see the kids relaxing too!  Taking time to read and spend time with their cousins and grandparents.  We had great big fires in the evenings and sat around eating smores and laughing about the days events, which included four wheeling, bike riding, hiking, etc.
Even Ava loved the cool weather!
Surrounded by beauty, I couldn't help myself and created a centerpiece for our table "using what we had" in the RV and a few clippings from a tree.    Nature always inspires!  Simple. yet created a wonderful feel for our table.
I did find out that chipmunks liked my tea lights and ran off with them. Oops!
I loved driving into Telluride on the back of my hubby's bike! 
Such a great little town to shop!
Driving our truck down the mountain while a family crew rode mountain bikes down was such a good memory too!
We had no Internet or phone service for a week and it was divine!
However, when I returned I was able to read the article in the "Providence Journal" regarding RV Decorating.  Some of my tips and ideas are featured which is fun!
Back to reality but excited about lots of great things that are happening here!
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