Don't be green with envy an longer!

Don't be green with envy any more.....change up your home today by updating some accessories and moving things from room to room.
I love it when I'm cleaning out files and find old before and after pictures.  Thought I'd share this living room space!  Drastic before and after. 
Just look at what new pillows did to that couch!
If you are thinking about hiring a decorator and would like to incorporate things you already own, you will be shocked at how different a space can look. Adding new things to your existing items and updating your walls with paint can be a huge start!  Just look at the columns and you will see what a drastic change adding a glaze made!
We just added accessories to this space and moved things around from different areas in the home.
The large wall panels really make a statement and look much more to scale than the wimpy artwork before.
Opening up her writing desk made it look so much more interesting too!
Don't be afraid to try something new! 
 A decorator can help you and will give you the confidence to make that next step!
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