Are you Consumed with Comparison?

While I was away on vacation, I had time to really clear my mind and focus on my life  as a Designer and Business Owner.


 Of course, when your body and mind totally starts to rest and be refreshed, you start to think about how things are working in your life and contemplate what is working and what needs to change.


 One of the things that really was made clear to me was the BENEFIT I have of being in front of so many incredibly great people in the Design industry.  I have friends and contacts all around the world on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.


 The inspiration that I have been able to get from those designers is AMAZING.  I could sit and look at images on their profiles as well as read their advice  for hours and hours.


 All of the conferences, workshops, etc. that I have attended over the years has put me in front of so many extremely talented and gifted people that have stretched me, encouraged me and helped me become the best Designer I can be.

However, one of the things that has been swimming around in my head is that I have become very caught up, almost obsessed,  with comparing myself to those designers that I follow on a daily basis.   


I understand and know that it is extremely important to stay in touch with the latest and greatest in the design world.  I want to be the best at what I do and am always wanting to improve and be better for my clients.  Being the best you can be is what we are called to do, right?


 However, I feel as if I have started comparing myself too much, which is making me feel twinges of  discontentment. and stress.   I have been feeling continued pressure to "DO" all the time and find myself thinking things like:

"Oh no, I should be doing that"

"why didn't I get that recognition, I'm doing the same thing"

"I need to be published, I'm just as good"

"I should be writing about that"

"why don't I have that many followers"

"I need more likes"

"why don't I get 50 comments"

"why don't I know about that?"

"Am I as good as they are"

 When I started my business over 10 years ago, I knew that I was doing the right thing.  Everything I did confirmed that I was doing what I was called to do.


 What I have come to realize is that I have stopped having faith that I am just where I am suppose to be at this very moment.   Comparing myself to what others are doing has started to rob me from my day to day JOY as an Interior Decorator.  I have been gifted with talents and gifts that I sometimes forget to see because of my constant comparison.


 The feeling of constantly feeling like I should be doing something better or bigger is not reality and has actually made me feel like a workaholic at times, constantly striving to be more and more and never feeling like I'm good enough.


My takeaway from my vacation is that what I am called to do is be compassionate about what I do and do it well, the rest will follow!


From today forward, I will continue to be inspired by all those that I follow on Social Media.  However, I will have a new mindset.


 I have worked extremely hard to be where I am today with my business.  I don't need to fast forward to anything other than being in God's plan for me which is right here where I am today.  My talents are unique and different and cannot compare to talents that God has given someone else.

My job is to embrace my gifts wholeheartedly and strive to use those gifts to the best of my ability.


Do you struggle with this same thing?  You may not be a Designer, but I'm sure you are just as involved with Social Media as I am.  Do you feel overcome with visual overload and comparison like I do?   Join me as we start a trend of contentment with ourselves and the personal, unique path we have ahead.

Doing what God has called us to do is WAY better than comparing ourselves to what others are doing!

I'd love to hear your thoughts.