Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos

Wishing you a wonderful day of FREEDOM today as you celebrate with your families!


(The shells and coral I collected on the beach)

I just returned home after a great time in Cabo, Mexico  this past week!   I have never in my life needed a vacation away like I did this time.   I was in much need of a mind declutter from projects, all the hats I wear and needed a time to think about nothing but being with Mr. S.


 It is always so incredibly wonderful to get away and have time to be still.  At first the quiet was kind of weird to get use to.  However, the more I heard the natural sounds around me, the more I craved the sounds of that peacefulness.


I can't say enough about the resort where we stayed.  It was amazing!  The service was INCREDIBLE, the views were breathtaking, the food was absolutely delicious (and my husband is a foodie)  and the grounds were immaculate!


My girls went to Czech Republic to teach English for 10 days so it was the perfect opportunity for us to get away together!

Enjoy this quick video of all the beauty I captured on our adventure.  No words can express what it was like but pictures can start to give you a glimpse!

God bless vacations and GOD BLESS AMERICA!