"Cut and Drop" Florals

I  just got back from Los Angeles mid week after attending the Design Bloggers Conference.  What a blast!!
 I met lots of new friends and some of my favorite design bloggers too!  So much fun to meet them in person after reading their blogs for so long.
My only regret is that I didn't get my book signed by Jan Showers
Thank you Jan Showers for being our keynote speaker and for being so transparent and genuine.  Tobi Fairley did the perfect thing by encouraging you to be our speaker!! It was awesome to meet Jan's husband too, always interesting to meet the man behind a successful woman!
I've been playing catch up this week.   One hat goes on, taken off and then the another gets put on.  This weekend I'm wearing my "mom" hat with pride because my oldest is having a birthday and we LOVE birthday celebrations around here!  My husband tells me that I milk the birthDAY into a birthWEEK.  I'm training my girls to do the same!  Nothing wrong with that!
I absolutely adore roses!!!   I thought it would be fun to have roses as a surprise for the birthday girl.   Pink is her favorite color and flowers always make a girl feel special, right? 
I so wish our area had an outdoor floral market "close by" where I could pop in and choose what flowers I desire that day or week.  We have a farmers market but it's in Dallas and it isn't convenient to get to.  I'm a stop at the last minute and get it kind of girl.
Choices and more choices, that's what I'm all about!!!!
Spring color everywhere!
Tom Thumb Grocery

I don't have the luxury of a flower market so the above picture was my selection today at the neighborhood grocery store.  Big difference compared to the first few pictures isn't it?  Not much variety to choose from.
I decided to check out the floral refrigerator cabinet before I made my selection to see what was hiding behind those glass doors.
Nothing under $69.99.  Not the price range I was looking to pay for this occasion. Teenage girl really wouldn't appreciate it.
I know that these pink roses would have been her favorites though!
I finally made up my mind that I needed to create my own arrangement and went ahead and chose these light pink roses below. 
The floral department had a few vase selections on sale and I chose something simple. I can use this one again sometime.
The florist was making arrangements behind the floral counter.  I decided it wouldn't hurt to ask her if she could cut my beautiful roses down for me and place them in the vase I was planning on purchasing. 
 The less work I had to do when I got home at this point in my day, the better this whole "making my own arrangement" would be.  I really hate the cleanup after floral arranging and have learned to try to make my life LESS complicated instead of MORE complicated by adding to my "to do" list.
She offered to do a "cut and drop arrangement" for me and said it was free of charge.  Wow.... CUT AND DROP....who knew they offered that service.  That was easy! She literally cut them all down and dropped them in the vase.  Of course they don't advertise this service so that's why I'm letting you in on this valuable secret!
All I had to do is transport them home (a challenge in itself), add some water and give them a little tweaking.  When wearing many hats, one has to learn how to keep it simple, beautiful and easy.   
Gorgeous aren't they?  Smell amazing too!
She loved them!
I added some pink balloons to my purchase and headed to the party!
Happy Birthday my sweet baby! We love you and can't believe it's been 14 years since the day you were born.
Light pink roses represents happiness, joy and admiration.  You give us loads of happiness, lots of JOY and we have always admired your genuine, loving character!  Happy Birthday week my darling!