Happy Hall Bath and Elegant Master Retreat

Way more fun and perfect colors and pattern for teen girls.  Added new larger tile and brought it all the way up to the ceiling.  Painted the cabinets chocolate brown and added new cabinet hardware.  The double curved curtain rod gives them more space when showering and the decorative curtain adds height to the room.  There is another curtain behind this one that is used for functionality.
This color combination is one of the teens favorites.


"Using the furniture the client had" to keep within their budget and adding new accessories, lamps, a rug and bedding made this room look like a retreat.  It's not always necessary to start from scratch!!  Unless of course, your budget can handle that.
What a difference!
I added mirrored glass to the top of the end table to dress them up a little (they are actually place mats-shhh).  These lamps are like artwork in the room.
Didn't the wallpaper on the headboard wall turn out beautiful?  Thank you Lester!!!  I think it added such subtle elegance.  The beautiful painting was done by Mary Howe, a local artist in the area.  She created it just to go in this room with my color scheme.
See how the wallpaper and the sheets coordinate.  The rug is perfect with the draperies and adds a warm layer to the room.
My client inherited the furniture from their family so it's special to them.

You can see the drapery panels in this picture.  Same fabric as the throw pillow on bed.

Love the etched flowers on the round mirrors, adds a vintage touch.

I added the cording around the European shams to coordinate with the bedspread color.  It married them well.  The lamps came with different lampshades, I found these and thought they added much more style vs. the plain ones they had before.
As you will remember from previous posts, this was my INSPIRATION for the overall feel and color palette for the room.
Here's how it turned out. 
"Similar, not identical" as my daughter would always say when she was about 3 years old.
This was a great project and wonderful clients!
Enjoy your weekend!  Hope you enjoyed seeing these transformations!