Decorate with fresh flowers, it will change your mood

Don't forget to "renew" your space with fresh flowers.

Romantic Homes Magazine - Spring/Summer 2010
Just about every magazine front cover has a picture of fresh flowers included in the room of whatever house they are featuring.  Flowers are a necessity to every room and create an incredible colorful splash and at the same time create a "happy" mood.
DecRenew Interiors - Ruthie Staalsen 
My favorite color flower
I was at the grocery store this weekend (my dreaded chore) and I bumped into a friend.  I noticed that she had some beautiful flowers in her shopping cart.  I asked about them and she said she bought them for herself as a treat to cheer up her home.  LOVE IT!

Isn't this simply gorgeous?

My friend reminded me how the small things like a beautiful fresh flower arrangement on your coffee table, entry table, bathroom or kitchen counter can immediately change the mood of the room. We often think that flowers are only for special occasions.  Nowadays you can even buy one flower stem if you are on a budget.  Even that is a nice touch to your space.
DecRenew Interiors, Ruthie Staalsen
I'm working on a project and will share with you during another post.  Love the color of these florals.

I had my annual "Girlfriends PJ Party" this weekend at my house and had some beautiful gladiolas in a tall vase that my husband gave me the day before Valentines Day.  I am kinda crazy in the fact that I prefer to get flowers on days other than the day you expect them.  My husband is so wonderful and now brings me flowers around the special day and sometimes on the day too.  I'm not a high maintenance kind of girl but this is one area that I hate to say but am high maintenance.
Anyway, I thought the gladiolas would last until my party, they were beautiful red ones.  I came home about 2 hours before my party and they looked terribly sad.  I didn't HAVE to have flowers for this party but knew it would make the party feel special.  I immediately called my dear friend Sue who was "early" for the party and on her way and asked her to pick up some "tall" flowers for me.
DecRenew Interiors, Ruthie Staalsen
This is what she came home with!  Of course she had selected several different kinds and actually asked the florist at Tom Thumb for other selections that might be behind closed doors that we could use.  She hit the jackpot and they gave her several choices that weren't out on the floor.  She brought her selections home (good ones) and we put our own arrangement together making it look beautiful.   Thank you Sue and Tom Thumb for these beautiful Cherry Blossom branches and pink tulips!
DecRenew Interiors, Ruthie Staalsen

Love this one!
DecRenew Interiors
DecRenew Interiors
Buy yourself some flowers or a flower this week and see how your mood changes, hope it's happy!