Who do you travel with?

Thought I'd start your week with a quote for the week!
Like I said in my last post, I had a "Girlfriends Pajama Party" this weekend.  By the way, if you haven't done one of these, it's a blast!!!    The above picture is from a "thank you" card I got from one of my wonderful friends.  The quote is so very true and the best part is the black dog is just like my AVA!!  Thanks for a great time ladies.  Anytime you get 12 woman together, there is fun to be had. 
The food was fabulous and the company and conversation was even better! 

Our Ava

Don't know where she'd be off to besides going camping with us which she LOVES.
Darting out the back door is one of her specialties too!

Even dogs love to be with the ones they love.

We all have such busy lives but taking time out to visit with friends is so incredibly wonderful.  Good medicine for the soul.  I challenge you to plan a party.  Make it easy so you actually do it.  You can provide the dessert, coffee and drinks and your friends can bring their favorite snack.  We had a smorges board....everything from potato skins, gourmet appetizers to wine and cheese.  I used e-vite for the invitation and it was extremely easy and fun.

Thank you Cheryl for the cutest hostess gift ever - stylish tweezers
 (it was in my card)
What's a party without a triple layered chocolate mouse cake from Central Market.
They never disappoint!
The party that I hosted made me wish that I could have invited all my blogger friends I've met over the past few years.  Thank you for your daily friendship and your support! 
It's fun traveling with you!
Who do you travel with?