Do you take time to rest and replenish?

One of the goals I've always had as a business owner is to strive to improve myself. I don't ever want to become stagnant and boring in my personal life and as a Decorator.
It's really easy to loose your vision when you are running a mile a minute and fail to take time to STOP and replenish.  Being that I'm a mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter,  decorator, blogger, teacher, volunteer and business owner, it's easy to become exhausted.
I have been extremely busy lately and have felt very anxious and stressed.
One of the things I'm learning is to make sure I find time for myself to "BE STILL." This task is not easy for me and over the past few months, I'm really trying hard to accomplish this task.  Everyone needs to make time to be filled up.  We woman think we can do it all and still give out our best.
This is a lie and I'm totally learning that I have to take time to REST and REPLENISH. 
I decided to do something for myself that I could look forward to.  A time to get my cup filled up and a time to have energy poured into me with some rest amongst that time.
One of the ways I've found helps me feel restored is to be around people that are positive, encouraging and successful.   I also have admiration for those that have learned from their mistakes and successes and are WILLING TO SHARE with others by mentoring.
   Tobi Fairley is one of those woman that I have watched over the past 5 years and have gained lots of admiration for her personally as well as an Interior Designer. She is incredibly transparent and willing to share her insight and ideas.

I just returned from Little Rock, AR where I attended Tobi Fairley's Designer MBA Class.  Several years ago I attended one of her Design Camps and found it incredibly helpful.  See the post here.

She and her incredible staff  poured into about 20 of us for 3 whole days.
I learned a ton and had fun making new friends with other Designers from all over the US and Canada.  It was good to learn the things I'm doing well with my business as well as things I need to change immediately!
Prior to the class, we were asked to take a personality test.  It was fun to see what personality I was as well as the rest of the class.
I'm learned that I am a ENFJ
Which also translates to "I'm like a dog"

ENFJ's are social butterflies who are cheerleaders and supporters of a wide variety of friends and acquaintances. They hate bullying and they love to greet their loved ones with a face lick and a tail wag. They feel good when the people around them feel good, and they tend to adapt to the group that they are in very quickly, even adopting the values of whoever they are surrounded by. They are loyal and expect loyalty from others — think of them as the living embodiment of a “team player.”
It always helps to know yourself and improve yourself. As you can see I'm a people pleaser and tend to burnout quickly.  Which explains why I need to take time to "be still" and replenish.  Of course learning that I can't please everyone is something that everyone struggles with.

I had an amazing time with round table discussions, brainstorm sessions, question and answer times and cocktail parties.
 The evening times in my hotel room were incredibly restful and I took time to reflect on my personal life and business.

The Capital Hotel is amazing and I LOVED the toffee they put on your pillow each night!  One of the things that was confirmed is that I cannot do it all and cannot be everything to everyone!  It's time to do some delegation which I have started to do already!


What are you doing to pour into YOU?  Are you continually striving to be better but also taking time for yourself?  If you own a business, it's hard work!   Take the personality test, find a mentor, be still and do not feel one bit guilty about it!

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