Ruthie's Thanksgiving Menu

I'm preparing for our Thanksgiving Menu.  Excited to have 14 of us here to celebrate Turkey Day!
We've had a big winter "warning" the past few days so lots of activities have been cancelled and the girls have been able to help me some which is nice.  We also got to have breakfast with my mom this morning which was a treat for a Monday!

Our rose bushes were covered in red roses and I hated to think they would go to waste in the freeze.  I cut just about every one off the bush and I've placed them throughout my house which I'm LOVING!
We did a big shop last week for all the big stuff ...
and last night we purchased all the perishables like fresh herbs, vege's, appetizers, etc. 
 Trader Joe's is my favorite place to this kind of thing!  I even bought myself a couple Rosemary trees.  Can't wait for their new location in Southlake!
Their fresh cranberry sauce is out of this world delicious which I purchased of course!
Here's our TURKEY DAY MENU: 
  This is a new addition to our Thanksgiving table this year.  We will see how it goes over.  I'll add some candied pecans to it as well.  Each person will just get a little bowl prior to the big meal.
We always have a variety of cheeses, candied nuts, fruit and a few slices of a nice salami.  I include a variety of crackers so there is a nice selection to choose from. I like to place the appetizers in a different room than where all the cooking takes place. This makes it easier and less chaotic for the cook. I also place an assortment of chocolates throughout the house to make it extra special. 
Deep fried Turkey injected with Jalapeno Butter. Our family loves to "DO" things together.  Frying the turkey is a fun way to spend time together before the meal!
My husband is setting up the fire pit in the backyard too and it becomes a place for the teens to hang out while the turkey is cooking. Watch this funny video we laugh at each year!
Sausage, Cranberry & Apple Dressing - Recipe
New recipe for me this year.  I read all the reviews and they rave about the sausage in the dressing.  I know my family will love that!
Jalapeno Corn - Recipe
Scalloped Potatoes - My own recipe.
  The trick is that I add a packet of Ranch Dressing to the cream and lots of garlic and fresh onion for great flavor.
Green Bean Casserole - made by my wonderful sister. Always a big hit with the crunch onions on top :)
Sweet potato casserole (my favorite) Recipe
I love the pecans on top and will add some golden marshmallows to the top too!
My husband will make the turkey gravy because that's his specialty!
Of course Pumpkin and Pecan pies!  This year I have eggnog ice cream to serve with it.  I also only use REAL whipping cream which makes them divine!
I wait until a few hours after the meal to serve the desserts and look forward to serving them with the wonderful coffee my sister gave me.
Here is a great link to print Thanksgiving menu cards that I thought were nice.
I'm off to figure out who is sitting at what table.  Time to iron tablecloths, put my apron
 on and get cooking!
I've also learned that these family gatherings can't be perfect.  It's a time to enjoy each other, laugh together and nobody is going to freak out if things don't go as I'VE planned. 
I'd love to hear your favorite meal items or traditions this time of year!
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