Double R Ranch

I have relatives visiting from England right now and they are wanting to get a true "American Experience" while they are here.  Of course, we are going to give them a true Texas experience too.

My cousin and his girlfriend requested that we ride Harley Davidson bikes for the day.   My cousin's girlfriend also loves horses and rides a lot in England.  She wanted to get a feel for a "Western horse ride" vs. an "English horse ride". 

Rent A Harley (972) 785-2201
1010 Walton Walker Blvd N, Irving, TX 75061

So..... we rented bikes for the day and headed to Weatherford.  My dad had some friends (true Harley Rider's) that led the pack.  One of his friends has a sister that ows a ranch so we were in for a treat.  We had no idea that this was going to be more than just a treat, it was a gift - a memory that we'll never forget.

We had an awesome drive through the country (some pictures are blury, you know why...)  I tried to take pictures as I hung off the back.  It was a little crazy and I didn't capture all that I wanted.  My husband is not one to go slowly so I can take pictures.  Ha...
Typical Texas Red Barn.
Great Ranch Style home with lots of property - horses were grazing as we passed.
Loved the look of this house.
We pulled up to "Double R Ranch"  What a gorgeous setting.  We drove up a long driveway to get to the entrance and I thought to myself "this is perfect, it's exactly how you imagine Texas to be."  I was so excited that my cousin and aunt and uncle got to experience this trip.  Yee Haw!
Here are a few snapshots of the Ranch during the couple hours we spent there.
View of house from inside the horse arena
Inviting ranch style porch - Great for ice tea sippin' and serves as a perfect outdoor gathering spot for great conversations.
View from front porch of indoor riding arena.
Majestically scaled rocking chair hand made in Weatherford, TX.  I may be going back for some of these.
Guest House - view standing on front porch.  This house is being transformed/updated right now and will be filled with some of the families collected antiques.
Loved the large terra cotta pots brimming with beautiful flowers and plants.
Inside the main house - country charm!  Tattered pieces of history create an inviting sitting room for family daily reading and chillin'.  Love the soothing neutral's and variety of textures that this room holds. The more outdoor elements you can bring into a home, the more relaxed it feels.
Incredible beamed ceilings throughout the house and stonework adds so much charm.
Great accessories - just like I like them, larger scale items so there isn't too much clutter.
Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance - Jon Franlin
Gorgeous lamp - I wanted to take it home!  Especially love the base.
Old wagon wheel table - showcasing belt buckles the family has collected over the years.  Now that is personalizing a home.
Perfect "country" kitchen.  Love the leather and wood bar stools.  The open backs serve well at this bar because it keeps it open and airy.  Sold wood would have made this kitchen appear smaller creating a closed in feel.
Custom made chairs with the ranch name branding.
This breakfast room begs for close friends to gather around to share interests.  The table brims with culture and charm.  An old distressed door made into a table that is now focal point of this room.  The chandelier certainly gives this room added pizzazz.  So rustic yet elegant.  Of course, what ranch doesn't have a few cats and dogs.
Love these columns which divide the breakfast from the family room.  Stunningly gorgeous.  All the interior doors in the home were made with this same wood.
Their master bedroom was HUGE.   We should always lavish extraordinary attention to our beds.  This rustic elegance is so inviting and relaxed.  Nothing pretentious about it.  You should see the view of the pasture from their window - so calming and still.
This red bench is adorable on the front porch.
Whimsical bench - love the old bell that is placed on it as well as the rustic finish that it has.  Little vignettes like this were placed all over the front and back porches.
Antique wagons and tractors were placed throughout the property.
They add so much visual interest and character.
The barn.  It was immaculate, I mean immaculate.
Thought this was a great picture of my family, especially since you can see the horse shoe's from the gate.
Rachel was elated that she got to experience the Texas horse life.
The inside arena is huge.
See what I mean, HUGE.  Beautifully manicured too.  The owner of the ranch gave her a lesson and she got to ride the horse for a nice long while.
She was smiling from ear to ear.
Rachel said our saddles are giant.  Of course, everything in Texas is Giant.
The Harley's waited patiently for us.
The owners of the ranch were delightful and were so awesome to show us around and give my family such an incredible Texas experience.  That's southern hospitality for you.
We stopped on the way home at a Barbecue Pit and had some chicken fried steak, brisket and ribs.  Again, they couldn't believe how HUGE the servings were.  A bit rediculous really.
Perfect weather, perfect ride, perfect Texas memory.
Thanks Harley Davidson for a great ride.
We'll be doing this again that's for sure! Any other cousins, relatives want to visit us so we can show you around!
Ya'll come back now ya here!