Painted Ceilings

I'm a true believer in dressing up your crown molding and ceilings.  You can really make a statement like in the above picture.
(Bryanne Pritchett)
Stencils can be bought at any of your local craft stores.
This summer, think about the ceilings that you have that could be enhanced.  It is a project that can be tackled in a weekend and makes a tremendous difference to a space. 
I am in LOVE with this room!  The ceiling treatment is what makes this room so incredibly gorgeous.   See how the warmth of the ceiling coordinates with the rug tones?  It makes the room come together so beautifully and took it from fantastic to breathtaking.
The crown molding painted with the same color & technique is so elegant!
(Zuniga Interiors)
The copper tin ceiling is a compliment to the sink and the tile and makes the room look SO SO much more dressed up!
Isn't this glam?  If I had a dress boutique, this is what it would look like.
Continuing a paint color and technique onto the ceiling really opens up a space!  I often have clients tell me that they don't want the room to feel closed up with a painted ceiling.  Once they have trusted me with my suggestion to add color to the ceiling and the job is complete, they admit that the room actually looks bigger when all the walls AND ceiling is painted. 
The color on this bathroom ceiling makes the mirror look so much happier!  The light fixture doesn't look so lonely either because it has a backdrop to rest on!  We are getting ready to do this above copper finish in a clients living room and I can't wait to see the end results.
(Fabulous Finishes)
A little accent on this ceiling, that is a replica of the design on the wallpaper, bring this room into the WOW league.
(Cristi Holcombe)
What child wouldn't want this playful ceiling?  Make it fun!
(Erika Ward Interiors)
These high ceiling has such great architectural interest but the color is what makes it all showcased.  See how the rug and the ceiling pull the whole room together?
Take on a small project over the summer and paint, wallpaper or faux finish one of your ceilings to create an accent in a room.  You may need to hire a professional if it's a large space.  You will be surprised how it can finish up a room and make you thrilled you did it!
(Simply Grove)
Often times small changes make for a HUGE impact.
Ready, set, go!
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