The right accessories can put a skip in your walk!

(Photo by Ruthie Staalsen)
I've had a collection of pottery on top of some of my design books for a while now and I've been waiting to find one more item to make it a grouping of 3. 
Today I finally found this burnt orange and brown blown glass vase and I'm so excited about adding it to the two vases I already had.  Doesn't it look so regal along with the two other pottery pieces?  Next time we have guests over, I'm going to put some fresh white flowers in the vase for all to enjoy.
(Photo by Ruthie Staalsen)
I have this chair in an adjoining room so you can see why I got excited when I found the blown glass vase.  It coordinates beautifully.  It would be a bit too much to have the chair and the vase in the same room together.  They will now compliment each other well being that they are in close proximity to each other.  Rooms in your home need to be married somehow.....this is the kind of touch that makes them united and allows your accessories or furniture to feel important in the room.
I'm so excited I finally got my copy of Inspired Styles and I can't wait to sit and devour every page!  All my friends that attended the Design Bloggers Conference in New York couldn't stop talking about it and I was feeling left out!  Mine isn't signed by the designers like theirs are but I don't feel as left out any more!

(Photo by Ruthie Staalsen)
I've had this clay bowl for some time now and today I found a white rose hair clip that I placed in the bowl.......and now I love the bowl even more.  Nobody has to know it's a hair clip, shhhhh!
Sometimes it's the small treasures we find that we add to our home that put a skip in our walk!
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