Easter in Tuscany - come join me.

I've got the destination vacation bug in me since we went to Paris for Thanksgiving!
I came across this wonderful farmhouse in Tuscany that is available over Easter!
Come dream a little with me.....

You can book the whole farm for 4 nights at your choice at a price of 460 Euros.  Which is equivalent to approximately $700.
Services included:
Welcome basket
Breakfast basket on Easter
Bed linen and towels
Heating for Villa 
Look at the green grass and the beautifully shaped trees! 
I wonder if it looks like this during this time of year?
This view is breathtaking.
View of the castle next door.
Love the path that leads to the pool.  What a great shape too.
I wonder who has walked this path?  Wouldn't you love to know who has lived here?
Peaceful gardens.  Great lawn for kids to do cartwheels.
Such character.  I would pull the chairs up closer to the fire and I'd be in heaven.
 I wonder if it's cold? 
 I usually love color on the walls but this white stucco is so clean and refreshing.  It also showcases the woodwork and tile on the stairs. 
I'd have so much fun furnishing this farmhouse. 
First thing to go would be the PINK love seat and green pillows.
Oh, this fireplace mantel could be so much fun to decorate.
Love this wine cellar. The stonework on the floor is beautiful. 
The bell on the wall is so quaint.  We use to have one at our previous house but left it hanging on the front patio.
I wonder if this bell is ever used? Who has it invited in for dinner?
Isn't the built in bench and the wooden bench so fun?
I wonder what is in the little cubbie hole?
The above image shows the external access to one of two bedrooms. This room is facing the garden surrounded by a large area of forest green Mediterranean. The picture shows the large glass window that separates the room from outside, is not visible because it was deliberately left open.
Beautiful brick work.  This is what all the faux artists try to copy in our "Tuscan" houses that we build here in the US.

Living room with such a beautiful view.  Can you just imagine this at night with the fireplace going?
The Lavendar on the table is probably fresh from the garden.
This rustic farm table is very similar to the one I use in my office as my desk.
Thanks for dreaming with me!