Elle Decor Amethyst Trend Alert

I recently spent some time in Denver, CO and was able to walk around a local mall looking for some fall clothing.  I became aware that Amethyst is the new color for fall this year.  I'm really excited because it's such a vibrant color.  My favorite place is  Ann Taylor Loft, they have a lot of fabulous classic looks for this fall.   I've got some pictures in this post from their website.
Autumn collection by noa noa
On the airplane home I read my new September issue of ELLE Decor and found that the same is true in Home Decor. 

Here are a few pictures from the article I read. Gives you an example of the textures and different shades of Amethyst that is out there.  Beautiful. 

Fabulous Textures
Amethyst Gold Leaf drawer pulls.
Amethyst is not my favorite color to decorate with but it is fun to see how the trends come and go.  I could definitely use some of these colors as accent colors in a master bedroom, bathroom or girls room. 
It's always fun to see the latest.  I know one thing for sure, I'll be getting my amethyst ring out this fall.
Happy shopping!